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Case Study

Zone Digital: Driving new digital customer experiences

Enabling Zone Digital data analysts to discover new digital customer experiences with Emotics


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Increased brand affinity and public perception of the brand

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More specific and targeted marketing strategy for optimum engagement

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Increased male engagement with the brand



Voted as BIMA Agency of the Year 2016, Zone help brands such as Coca-Cola, BT and Unilever deliver world-class digital experiences.

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The challenges for Zone’s client, Guide Dogs, a leading UK charity:

  • Transform how they communicate and connect with the public across the UK.
  • To prove their brand credibility and gain the public’s trust.
  • Understand why their supporters are predominantly female and develop ways to increase male engagement and support with the charity.
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Through the power of Adoreboard’s emotion analysis, Zone was able to to revolutionise how men interact with the Guide Dogs’ brand.

Emotics highlighted how men and women emotionally engaged with different elements of the brand. One such insights revealed that men felt stronger emotions of joy and trust towards the training of the guide dog puppy. This insight created the opportunity to develop an innovative marketing strategy which specifically targeted males to align with the emotions revealed in the analysis.

Picture of Gianfranco Cuzziol, Head of CRM at Zone

With the help of Adoreboard’s Emotics we were able to pinpoint what themes drove levels of interest amongst different demographics. The key to any successful brand is alignment with existing and new audiences.

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Head of CRM at Zone

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