Customer Experience Roundup (2 June)

June 2, 2023
Chloe Lee Marketing Executive

Introducing the CX Roundup: Your essential source for customer experience insights

As a busy customer experience (CX) professional, we understand that your time is valuable, yet you still want to stay up to date with the latest CX news. 

That’s where the CX Roundup comes in.

Each week (approximately), we compile a concise summary of the most relevant news just for you.

Our goal is to provide you with an article that can be read in less time than it takes to boil a kettle (or pot), ensuring you get the essential information. 

Article #1: The Three Pillars of Customer Experience

This Forbes article explores the three pillars of customer experience: purpose, mission, and values.

It underscores the benefits of prioritising exceptional customer experiences, such as attracting and retaining customers, gaining market share, and benefiting from referrals. 

The article emphasises the significance of aligning purpose with customers’ goals, creating a mission that resonates with customers and empowers employees, and establishing values that support the mission and purpose. 

By communicating these pillars publicly, businesses can generate powerful customer talking points and increase positive word-of-mouth referrals, ultimately leading to improved sales, productivity, and profits.

Article #3: Customer Delight: How to keep your customers coming back for more

This Qualtrics article explores the concept of “customer delight” as a means of cultivating customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Customer delight involves surpassing customer expectations to create memorable experiences. 

The article provides practical tips for businesses to achieve customer delight, such as personalising interactions through spontaneous gestures like personalised gifts, actively listening to customer feedback through surveys like CSAT and NPS, and empowering employees to solve problems and enhance customer interactions using AI tools like Adoreboard. 

By focusing on these strategies, businesses can foster customer loyalty and create exceptional customer experiences.

Article #3: Executives Need to Invest in Understanding the Customer Experience

In this Harvard Business Review article, Joe McKendrick emphasises the importance of delivering a holistic customer experience (CX) that goes beyond transactional interactions and considers customers’ emotions and overall perception. 

McKendrick argues that executives must prioritise responsiveness to customer needs and commit to providing high-value experiences, as growth and revenue are reliant on customer perceptions. 

He highlights the need for a cultural shift towards actively utilising data to gain actionable insights, as a recent survey showed that only half of C-level executives feel confident in delivering high-quality digital experiences to customers.

Chloe Lee Marketing Executive