Customer Experience in the Age of Millennials

Retail CX

Adoreboard collaborated with survey app OnePulse to study customer experience in the age of the millennial. We gathered data and analysed emotional responses expressed by 10,000 millennial consumers regarding their shopping habits, preferences and brand rankings. The data revealed insights that can help retail brands provide a better customer experience.

We found that 49% of 18-34 year olds say they prefer to shop for clothes in store, compared to 11% who prefer apps, and 39% who use websites. An overwhelming 76% of millennials say they prefer human assistance online over chat bots. This suggests that AI support does not generate as much brand trust as real human interactions.

The research revealed three key insights showing how UK fashion retailers can optimise and improve customer experience for the millennial market.

1. Be more inclusive

Millennials seek brands that are more adaptive to diverse body shapes.

2. Fast fashion for longer

Millennials want trendy items that are more sustainable and longer lasting.

3. Affordable fashion

Millennials will leave products on the hanger if they aren’t affordable.

So what’s on the agenda?

  1. Coming of age: Why Millennials and Why Now?
  2. Decision Ready Insights: What Drives Millennials Retail Experience?
  3. Millennial CX Index
  4. 4 Key Takeaways

Access the full report and you can look forward to discovering decision ready insights that are valuable for any retailer looking to attract millennials and deliver unrivalled CX.

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