Customer Experience Report: Top UK Mobile Phone Networks

Telecommunications CX

With so many mobile network providers out there, customer experience is vital for customer retention. Adoreboard’s team of data analysts analysed customer commentary of the top UK mobile phone network providers. We analysed the commentary using our emotion analysis platform, Emotics, to reveal the winning and losing mobile networks for CX.

The research also revealed three important lessons on how to optimise and improve customer experience:

Customer Rewards

Mobile service providers must reward loyal customers with special deals or offers. An important means of creating customer lifetime value is by rewarding loyal customers. Special offers should be relevant for more than just attracting new business.

Efficiency in dealing with customer issues

Customer experience is vital to maintaining customer loyalty, therefore mobile service providers need to have staff and resources in place to deal with customer complaints. Long hold times with customer service teams and rude staff drive high levels of anger, leaving the customer frustrated. This anger then leads to customer dissatisfaction and a high risk of churn.

Offerings must align with customer expectation to optimise customer experience

Inadequacies in service offerings (such as poor signal) lead to customer distrust and therefore drive dissatisfaction. Emotion analytics can be used to understand what is driving customer emotion to inform improvements that can enhance customer experience and maximise brand reputation.

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