We Have Lift Off: The Launch of Emotics

Are you seeking to leverage valuable customer experience insights to improve brand and business performance? Then look no further. Adoreboard’s emotion analytics tool Emotics provides a means of measuring the emotional intensity around customer experience. By determining the main themes driving emotional intensity, Emotics allows users to make informed business decisions that enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Intrigued and want to see the product in action? This 100-second video overview will show you how you can use Emotion Analysis for business advantage: https://ow.ly/ihH130fgxGI

So what can Emotics do for you?

Emotion Analysis provides a means of enhancing customer experience and loyalty. Our Emotics software identifies the emotions expressed and the topics driving those feelings. The Emotics process comprises three main steps:

Step One: Integrate the Data

At Adoreboard, we integrate a wide range of data sources including social media content, news outlets, online forums, NPS verbatim, surveys, blogs, e-mail and other online content. Our product additionally integrates with popular social listening and intelligence tools like Brandwatch and Sysomos.

Step Two: Understand the emotions

Once the data has been uploaded to the platform and analysed, the Emotics software provides the user with access to previously unobtainable information. An overall ‘Adorescore’ is generated, providing an overview of the tone of the analysed content on a scale of -100 to 100. The higher the Adorescore, the more positive the emotional intensity of the content.

Emotics then allows the user to delve deeper into the content, providing a score on each of the 8 emotion indexes. Each index is further broken down to show the underlying topics driving each emotion and the snippets of text that contribute to these topics.

Step Three: Apply Decision-Ready Insights

The third step in the process is taking decisive and targeted action using the decision-ready insights. To explain this, let’s take a quick look at an Adoreboard case study. We worked with a leading public transport provider and discovered that an unsatisfactory wifi service on the network’s trains and buses was damaging passengers’ customer experience. The company acted upon this by investing £500,000 in the wifi service, decreasing the number of detractors by 74% and increasing positive mentions of the network’s wifi service by 500%.

What can Emotics be used for?


A benchmark is a standard point of reference against which things may be compared or measured. Performance measurements mean very little in isolation, rather, they need to be compared to an objective standard. Benchmarking helps companies to remain in a state of harmony with the market and client needs.

The Emotics software allows brands to compare their business performance with up to 10 competitors. By generating weighted averages, the software reveals the relative performance of brands when compared to the industry at large. In business terms, this insight is extremely valuable. If your business is performing better than the industry average, benchmarking helps pinpoint why this is the case and how you can maintain your lead.

For example, if I known that Samsung are 10 points above the industry average on the Joy Index driven by its new camera features, this USP should be front and centre in its marketing. By contrast, if you are lagging behind the competition, benchmarking reveals the underperforming areas of your business that require immediate attention. For example, Apple is 30 points below the benchmark on Anger as consumers are fed up with receiving updates to its emoji keyboard instead of fixing the real issues.

We provide benchmarking analysis which means that you can rapidly contextualise your business performance. By discovering what’s driving business success or underperformance, you’re better placed to take targeted action.

Customer and Brand Alignment

When the image projected by brands matches the real customer experience, we have brand-customer alignment. Brand alignment is important as when the brand delivery aligns with the brand promise, the brand has integrity and value. Does the customer experience of your brand ring true to the expectations dictated by your marketing, or are your customers left wanting more? Emotics allows brands to compare their own brand communications with the voice of the customer, to assess how aligned these two voices are.


Remember back to your business class when you first learnt about SWOT? A SWOT analysis is a study undertaken by an organization to identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its opportunities and threats. The results of a SWOT can give you key insights about your strategic priorities. By contrasting strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats, you can spot the areas which need your attention most.

In this way, brands can learn how to use their strengths to offset their weaknesses, and to use their opportunities to offset any threats. If you want to get a strategic view of brand, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and to discover what is driving these.  Adoreboard provides you with the ability to map customer emotions to SWOT so that you can understand the strategic issues impacting your brand from a customer or competitor perspective.

Why Choose Emotics? 

  • All data is aggregated to a single score, the Adorescore
  • Performs text analysis across 8 emotion indices
  • Provides topic analysis under each individual emotion index
  • Can be used to generate an AI Swot Analysis
  • Can be used for industry and competitor benchmarking
  • Helps align your brand promise with customer experience to match 

At Adoreboard, we don’t just identify trends. We define and identify feelings expressed and discover the emotional themes driving those feelings. We tell you precisely why key emotions are contributing to your success, or to underperforming aspects of your product or service.

Analysts, strategists, marketers and key business decision makers use Emotics to stand out from the crowd, behave differently and innovate their brand. To find out more, book your product demo today or why not attend our LIVE demo webinar by clicking the image below?!

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