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If data, brands and marketing innovation is your thing, listen up. data festival facilitated by Havas helia is one of the newest kids on the block. Having taken place last week at Shoreditch Studios, London it has earned some serious street cred and given the more established events a serious run for their money. Not only in terms of speakers and high caliber attendees but the seriously cool exhibits pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data.

Adoreboard attended and exhibited at several events over the past year, and the team was unanimous that is the hands-down winner in terms of bang for your buck (yes, it was a free event, but that’s beside the point!). For those attending, the event provided a fantastic opportunity to think afresh and anew about their business and brand in a creative and supportive environment.

On the day, we arrived bright and early. On arrival we were met by Havas helia communications supremo Kate Keepax and an experienced team of event managers who got us setup and ready in no time, and by 9:30am there was standing room only – it was packed. Shoreditch 2015

The event was packed not only with attendees, but with an array of back to back keynote speakers, educational workshops and interactive displays. Shoreditch Studios served as the perfect venue; a courtyard area for delicious Prufrock coffee, refreshments and lunch (alongside some sneaky sun bathing!), the main auditorium for keynote speakers and party, two workshop spaces and a spacious area for exhibitors.

Chris Johnston workshop

Alongside exhibiting, Adoreboard facilitated an interactive workshop on emotional ad creation and presented their “Why is Rory McIlroy more adored than Nike?” case study on emotional analytics and brand sponsorship (download it here). The hive of activity throughout the day was relentless as the event moved into networking and evening entertainment.

Emotion-driven canapes at

Snow Patrol’s Johnny Quinn opened the evening by introducing teenage Youtube sensation, BriBry, who played an intimate acoustic set whilst hungry networkers munched on Adoreboard emotion-driven canapés (yes, really!).

Ben Silcox, Havas helia

As the crowd mingled, data guru Ben Silcox of Havas helia took to the stage and announced the world’s first “Beat from a Tweet”, brought together through a collaboration of Havas helia, Adoreboard, Patch Blocks and Ministry of Sound. On the night the data visualisation was brought to life through Adoreboard’s friends at I Love QC.

Tweet Beat

To create the beat Adoreboard extracted the emotions from Tweets and, in association with Patchblocks, turned the raw data into a dance beat which was re-worked into a dance tune by Ministry of Sound’s Sheldon.

Look out for a second post with all the details, the full video and a chance todownload the beat.

Sheldon & VJ Shakinda

By 8pm the data analysts, marketers and brand managers had forgotten it was a school night, the party was in full swing, personality-cocktails (powered by personal data) were flowing and the music was jumping.

All-in-all, the venue, attendees, speakers and entertainment merged into one amazing, action-packed day and possibly the best event we have attended in the past year.

A massive thank-you to Ben and Kate from Havas helia and everyone involved in putting it together.

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Team Adoreboard: Carley, Rory, Chris & Vu

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