Why Is Rory McIlroy More Adored Than Nike?

Over a 10 month period, Adoreboard tracked golfer Rory McIlroy and his three main sponsors: Nike, Omega and Bose to understand how effectively they performed online. The findings show how brand managers and chief marketing officers can use emotional analysis to maximise sponsorship opportunities.

Ever wonder what makes brand sponsorship really work? Why do some partnerships click and others make you cringe?

Well you’re about to find out!

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Did you know?

Did you know that sponsorship has been around for almost a century? Yes, almost one hundred years ago, way back in 1926, chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr renamed Cubs Park in 1926 to Wrigley Field – the first major corporate sponsorship in the USA.

But here is the question – how do we know sponsorship really works?

Have we ever really been able to effectively quantify, through indisputable data analysis, exactly what the impact of sponsorship is, both for the sponsor as well as for the brand or individual that is being sponsored? The answer is no, and it will probably remain so.

Sorry – truth hurts.

There are too many variables to consider in such a complex relationship and many of the benefits may take weeks, even years to return. Certainly some partnerships are easier than others to tally up in a dollar value, such as a drinks brand sponsoring an event. It’s a quick and easy win with instant reward. But there’s more to it than that. And much, as you’re about to find out, is tied to emotion.

Advances in technology and innovation are giving us much more insight as to what makes a great brand partnership. It turns out, for long-term value, emotion is at it’s core.

The feel good factor. The adrenalin. The ride.

Brands without advocates can offer none of the above. As such, brands need to associate with talent and events in order to ‘borrow’ their vibe and build emotional equity or ride that roller coaster of excitement.

At Adoreboard, our text analysis algorithms work out exactly what emotion is being expressed online, providing deeper analysis into what is driving your sponsorship performance and ensuring partnerships are correctly aligned. You can even analyse your competitors and potential partners to see where the most synergistic relationships are to be found.

How to Use Analytics to Maximise Sponsorship

It’s big bucks, reputations are on the line and big rewards are to be had. So pay attention…

Our FREE 30 page report, examines the relationship between values, emotion and effective brand sponsorship through data analytics.

Why Is Rory McIlroy More Adored Than Nike?

It uses some of the world’s biggest brands to explore:

  • Why is Rory McIlroy more adored than Nike?
  • What makes Rory McIroy the world’s second most loved brand?
  • How is ‘Brand McIlroy’ affected by his on-course performances as well as by his off-course celebrity status?
  • What key lessons can be applied for brand managers and chief marketing officers?

Key areas of the report

Analysing Rory McIlroy

  • Follow the highs and lows of Rory McIlroy’s reputation online for a period of ten months
  • Data analysis breakdown, month by month with key trends and insights
  • Data visualisation and findings

Key insights

Three take aways for Brand Managers and Chief Marketing Managers: Align, Co-Create, Measure

  • Alignment: Exploring the compatibility that brings two brands together and the value that can be created a as a result
  • Co-Creation: Exploring the multiplier effect achieved by a brand and sponsor co-creating new initiatives together
  • Measurement: Comparing rational and emotional approaches to sponsorship evaluation and understanding the value of each The complete McIlroy report is available for free download in association with HAVAS helia.


This week our fellow Northern Irishman, McIlroy, sets out to win the Masters, and with it a grand slam – something only five golfers in history have achieved.

So on a final note, the team at Adoreboard would like to shout… “go on ye boy ye!”

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