The Great British Bake Off leaves the BBC for more ‘Dough’

Is this the end of the Great British Bake Off?!

The Adoreboard team’s hearts sank this week it was announced that the nation’s favourite baking show, the Great British Bake Off, is leaving the BBC after the current series finishes in favour of a £25 million bid from Channel 4. As if the channel move was not enough for viewers to handle, it was also announced that much loved comedy duo Mel & Sue have called it quits in response to the new deal.

Mel and Sue announced their departure shortly after the BBC’s announcement with the following statement.


The show has such a large cult following and has been credited with reinvigorating the interest in baking throughout the UK. The BBC has seen the show grow from just 2 million viewers to over 15 million.

The BBC reportedly offered to pay £15 million per year to keep the programme, however it is understood that Love Productions (who produce the show) refused to entertain offers lower that £25 million per year.

So with the move confirmed for next series, the question remains how the show work on a different channel with new hosts.

Devastated fans have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage at the decision and the loss of Mel & Sue.


The Adorescore for the trending hashtag #GBBO is -13 with the main three emotions being loathing, grief and ecstasy. The presence of loathing and grief is mostly due to the loss of hosts Mel and Sue, followed by fears that baking judge royalty Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will follow suit. The ecstasy is present due to the excitement surrounding the current season with top favourites being Selasi and Andrew.

The real impact of the move and host change won’t be revealed until the show airs on Channel 4 and the new hosts are revealed. Will the new Bake off bring its 15 million viewers to channel 4? Or will the learn the same lesson that Top Gear learned this year? It’s not always smooth sailing when you try to replace well-known, beloved hosts.


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