HX Roundup January 2021 – The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience

This month’s HX Roundup includes the best in Human Experience from the past month or so, with articles from; My Customer, strategy+business, Forbes, Heart of the Customer, Zappos & Adoreboard, The Financial Brand and Gonzalo Gregori (treasure trove of reports & insights from the strategy director of transformation and innovation at Ogilvy).

Before we dive into some of our favourite pieces from January, a quick mention about Qualtrics and their topic of the month for February: Infusing Emotion into Experience Management. Head on over to their XM community (free to join) and enjoy the content. More information: https://www.xminstitute.com/events/february-21-topic-of-the-month


How To Deliver Great Customer Experience At Scale

Dutta, CCO at Active Campaign, provides an insightful article with examples about the fundamentals of scaling customer experience. The most effective strategies are grounded in active engagement, setting clear expectations and empowering users with options that suit their needs. 

  • Engagement: Help customers help themselves
  • Expectations: Promise and deliver
  • Empowerment: Maximize lifetime value

Examples include Spotify’s ideas submission, the specificity of Atlassian’s support packages and the first time experience and gamification of Peloton.

Read Full Article: Dutta Satadip (Chief Customer Officer at Active Campaign), strategy+business: https://www.strategy-business.com/article/How-to-deliver-great-customer-experience-at-scale 

Losing Trust: The Impact Of One Rotten Apple On Employee Engagement

Is trust the most important emotion when it comes to employee engagement? It seems it might well be. This study assessed 97,632 managers on trust in their direct reports and level of employee engagement. Each manager was assessed on five reports and was clear from the results that every incremental improvement in trust drives up employee engagement.

However, the most interesting finding was that if just one report indicated trust needed improvement, the impact was significant: The manager’s trust rating was lowered by 32 percentile points and their level of engagement rating by 14 percentile points.

Employee engagement and trust

Read Full Article: Joseph Folkman, Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joefolkman/2021/01/28/losing-trust-the-impact-of-one-rotten-apple-on-employee-engagement/ 

The 18 Best Customer & Employee Experience Books Everyone Should Read

Need a good read but no time to research? Ricardo is a global executive and strategic consultant, focused in Customer Experience, Professional Services, Customer Success and delivery. He shares his essential reading, including;

  • Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design. By Alex Allwood
  • Employee Experience: Develop a happy, productive and supported workforce for exceptional individual and business performance. By Ben Whitter, Josh Bersin (Foreword)
  • The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons in Creative Leadership from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. By Robert Iger

Pop on over to view all 18 recommended reads.

Read Full Article: Ricardo Saltz Gulko, My Customer: https://www.mycustomer.com/customer-experience/engagement/the-18-best-customer-employee-experience-books-everyone-should-read

Customer Health Dashboard Tips

CX professionals are often not included in decision making because they cannot show that they are having a positive impact on the company. A set of metrics to measure and report upon are foundational if you wish to improve customer experience and prove your worth and so the customer health dashboard is popular in leading CX programs.

In order to be successful, your dashboard needs to be brief, compelling, fresh and shown to the right people. This article of tips is concise and to the point, it reads like common sense, whilst being packed with golden nuggets. Head on over and enjoy!

Read Full Article: Shawn Phillips, Heart of the Customer: https://heartofthecustomer.com/customer-health-dashboard-tips 

Be More Zappos – Free For 7 Days

If you missed our exclusive webinar with Zappos’ Head of Customer Research, Alex Genov, last week, we’ve made the full session available to watch for 7 days.

Zappos customer experience webinar

With a NPS score of 93 and a growth rate that would bedazzle any business executive, Zappos is a global leader in human experience. In this webinar you’ll learn how Zappos drives customer loyalty, attracts top talent and has become a 19-year old business with a compounded annual growth rate of 79%. 

Watch the webinar: Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research, Zappos https://adoreboard.wistia.com/medias/pxlpg09z1k (link live until Friday 12th February 2021)

2021 Treasure Trove of Trends and Reports

Gonzalo Gregori, strategy director of transformation and innovation at Ogilvy and Ci En L of PHD put together this Google Drive of trends and reports from 2021. There are around 100 insight reports and links from consultancies, research companies and agencies organised into categories.

Click here for the Linkedin post or below for a direct link to the drive containing all the reports and being regularly updated.

Read Full Article: Gonzalo Gregori, Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2021trending

The Meta Trending Trends: 2021

Following on from the treasure trove, if trends are your thing, this piece from Matt Klein maps 19 overlapping cultural trends from 30+ insight reports. It’s not CX or EX specific, but it’s certainly very human.

Read Full Article: Matt Klein, Medium:  https://kleinkleinklein.medium.com/meta-trends-2021-4523576687f3 

Key Factors Separating Digital Banking Winners From Losers

With digital transformation and banking often seen as a boring necessity, it might seem the next logical step for banking products and services to be an algorithm-driven, impersonal experience. However, Joe Welu, Founder and CEO of Total Expert, is seeing the opposite: Financial services will continue to find growth through digital channels by doubling down on human connections, not the other way around.

CX customer experience for banks

This article talks about expertise as a differentiator and is about far more than CX or EX for financial services alone. Read on to find out more.

Read Full Article: Joe Welu (Founder and CEO of Total Expert), The Financial Brand: https://thefinancialbrand.com/106445/key-factors-winners-losers-digital-banking-cx-advice-community-bank/ 

What Role Do Customer Experience Professionals Play In Brand Purpose?

According to recent sponsored research with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, deeply embedded customer-centred purpose is what differentiates companies in terms of elevating the role of the customer and their experience.

Corporate purpose is the ‘why’ behind all decisions and actions and bringing this purpose to life in meaningful ways for customers and empowering employees to act on that basis is what makes a transformative impact. One of the keys is identifying meaningful new insights that have the ability to connect company purpose with a customer-focused opportunity.Read Full Article: David Robbins (VP, Client Consulting, Gongos), My Customer: https://www.mycustomer.com/customer-experience/engagement/what-role-do-customer-experience-professionals-play-in-brand-purpose

That’s this month’s HX Roundup complete! 

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