HX Roundup June 2021 – The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience


Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Gensler, Forbes and TietoEVRY feature in this month’s HX Roundup; the best in Human Experience from the past month or so…


Human Experience is Greater Than Customer Experience 

by Anthony Stephan and Amelia Dunlop

With the rise of artificial intelligence and augmented reality today, the importance of human behaviour is continuing to increase to deliver exceptional experiences for consumers. Once organisations start to adopt the true values that resonate with individuals, they will be better positioned to create true value for their consumers thereby fostering loyalty and driving growth.

Human Experience Is the Future of Design

Today’s era is focused on change. Change could be technological change or even global volatility but the only thing constant is the human factor in this change. To grow with the ever changing tide, one has to adapt and understand how people experience every aspect of their lives which gives us the opportunity to create a better world through people-centred design.

Advertising’s New Medium: Human Experience

by Jeffrey F. Rayport

In a world saturated with screens, running advertising simply through interruption and repetition are no longer effective. This article provides a unique framework based on understanding human behaviour to overcome the ever-increasing blockers in the advertising world today.

Data, Analytics Fuel Real-Time Customer Experience

by John Healy, Scott Mager and Angel Vaccaro

In today’s customer-centric environment, delivering superior experiences is the best way for brands to create competitive advantage. With technological advancements today, brands can get quick insights by using machine learning tools to understand customer sentiments and delivering a more personal experience. Doing so may help brands acquire new customers, build loyalty with existing customers, increase revenue, and improve profitability.

Rethink Customer Value to Improve CX

by Angel Vaccaro, Simon McLain and Francesca Dijols

Even though companies are investing heavily in CX tools today, data shows that companies around the world are still losing over $300 billion per year to poor customer experience. To create better customer value, companies need to start capturing and integrating cross-channel data from various sources their customer bases uses to interact with them. By leveraging this, they are to generate predictive insights about customer behaviour and use real-time decision-making to personalise the experience.

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Human experience is at the heart of customer experience and future business

by Marko Taali

The future business is about having the courage to act like human beings towards each other. In order to implement this, businesses need to understand empathy and human cultures as create value matters more than the system used. Customers, vendors, colleagues, and end-users are all human beings and pieces of the same puzzle. Therefore, understanding human experience is the key to improving customer experiences for businesses.

5 Reasons Why Human Experience Management Is The Future Of HR

By Lara Albert

Today, the experience companies create for their employees is more important than ever. People crave connections, transparency, and a sense of community – especially as we sort through new ways of working. Companies that focus on employee experience succeed in attracting the best talent, have lower staff turnover rates, and realise higher productivity.

How Enterprise Values Drive Human Experience

by Amelia Dunlop

When organisations balance human values with business objectives such as efficiency and productivity, they can deliver a better experience for all stakeholders. Moving fast and striving for efficiency will always be important for businesses, but in times of crisis, values are also essential. When executives pause to reflect on stakeholder needs, they can design more sustainable solutions that tap into the most important element of the human experience—a universal need for connection.

That’s this month’s HX Roundup complete! 

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