HX Roundup November 2020 – The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience

This month’s HX Roundup includes the best in Human Experience from the past month or so, with articles from; My Customer, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Qualtrics, CMSWire, HR Dive, Experience Investigators, EXM and EY.


Flexibility, Automation Will Improve the Employee Experience, Forrester Says

Amran takes a short dive into recent research around employee experience and the research around the unprecedented changes we have seen this year. It is believed that remote work will “settle at 3x pre-pandemic levels” according to Forrester and that 21% of US knowledge-based workers will primarily work from home, with Google, RBS and Zillow being among the companies that have announced they will remain remote well into 2021.

Read Full Article: https://www.hrdive.com/news/flexibility-automation-will-improve-the-employee-experience-forrester-say/588904/ Aman Kidwai on HR Dive

How to Move Your Corporate Purpose From Ambition to Action

This is a chunky piece that looks at purpose, human experience and stakeholders. How corporate purpose and meaningful action can align employee and customer experience while doing what’s good for business and stakeholders. EY have identified 4 key pillars of activating corporate purpose;

  1. Align leadership around your purpose
  2. Engage employees in your purpose journey
  3. Embed purpose in your customer experience
  4. Anchor your strategy to your purpose 

This 15-minute read takes you through all four pillars and assists you in defining your own company vision and plan of action.

Read Full Article: https://www.ey.com/en_gl/purpose/four-ways-to-put-your-purpose-to-work Monica Dimitracopoulos, EY Global Long-Term Value Leader.

AI and Top CX Trends 2020

Wayne summarises highlights from the recent Forrester Data Strategy & Insights 2020 virtual conference where using AI and data strategy to connect humans and technology is a key priority to improve CX.

One of the areas discussed was AI bias and how data science is not founded on empathy and so is at risk if appropriate training data is not provided. Brandon Purcell, Forrester principal analyst says, “AI is a moral mirror,” he said. “It takes the morality it finds in data and codifies that into a model.” 

The article also summarises areas of levelling up your data game and its purpose and how we should think about AI complementing our workforce rather than replacing it.

Read Full Article: https://cxm.co.uk/ai-and-top-cx-trends-2020/  Wayne Kay, regional VP of Sales EMEA at TTEC on CXM

What Do The Pioneers Of Customer Experience See For The Future?

If I was a CX commuter, this is what I’d be listening to this week, and even though most of us are no longer commuting it’s good to sit back and listen to a great podcast. This is one of them. 

Colin is joined by Lewis Carbone, author of Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again and the founder of ExperienceEngineering, along with Joe Pine, author The Experience Economy and founder of Strategic Horizons.

The trio discuss their mistakes and failures, the things they wish they knew and the secrets of ROI in the future of CX. Tune in and turn it up.

Read the highlights & listen to the podcast: https://beyondphilosophy.com/what-do-the-pioneers-of-customer-experience-see-for-the-future/  

New Study On Customer Support: 80% Consumers Want Better Service

Hiver – a customer service solution surveyed over 1000 consumers in the US to understand their views and expectations regarding customer support. This article takes a look at some of the key findings including that 80% of consumers want customer service to be more empathetic or more responsive or both.

Hiver CX survey

The study also found that despite chat being a popular channel, most Gen Z and Millennials prefer email for customer support communication while Baby Boomers still reach for the phone. To find out what agitates and annoys customers most about support, and what they are most vocal about, head on over and read the full article.

Read Full Article: https://customerthink.com/new-study-on-customer-support-80-consumers-want-better-service/  Ganesh Mukundan, Customer Think

Improving your Voice of the Customer listening posts? Ask these questions

Customer listening posts are specific tools, locations and mechanisms to gather customer feedback along specific touch points on the customer journey. Jeannie digs into the 5 questions to ask when setting up listening posts to improve your VoC program.

  1. What feedback do we want?
  2. Where on the journey should we ask for feedback?
  3. How will we use the insights gathered?
  4. How will you close the loop with the customer?
  5. How do you decide what to keep, remove, or evolve?

Read Full Article: https://experienceinvestigators.com/improve-voice-of-customer-listening-posts/ Jeannie Walters, Experience Investigators

Customer Journey Mapping for B2B Organizations

Customer journey mapping gives a company the framework to be more customer-centric, this post enlightens on how to properly do this in an organization and common misconceptions such as marketing teams should be the ones to define the customer success lifecycle journey map or that customer journey maps are singular are silo’d.

Read Full Article: https://www.csmpractice.com/customer-journey-mapping-for-b2b-organizations/  Denson Jade G. Natividad, CMS Practice

4 Tips for Getting Executive Buy-in on Your Customer Experience Strategy

With so much on the line for your customers, getting your leadership to buy into CX strategies is of utmost importance. Veteran journalist, Phi Britt provides his 4 top tips and insight into how to execute them;

  1. Focus on revenue
  2. Offer quantitative data
  3. Different metrics for different executives
  4. Expand the idea

Read Full Article: https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/4-tips-for-getting-executive-buy-in-on-your-customer-experience-strategy/ Phil Britt on CMS Wire

How A Leading Healthcare Provider Created World-Class Patient Experience

Fresenius Medical Care’s challenge was to better understand what they could do to help more patients elect at-home care. They turned to Qualtrics to implement an experience management strategy. This meant gathering a different form of data  to understand the beliefs, emotions, and intentions of their patients about their experiences.

The Qualtrics team set up a series of touchpoints to measure the patient experience and enable Fresenius to take action. Fresenius has since seen their NPS scores rise for both new and tenured patients, which are now world-class compared to industry benchmarks. 

Read Full Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2020/11/16/how-a-leading-healthcare-provider-created-world-class-patient-experience/ SAP Brand Voice by Patty Riskind, Global Industry Leader, Healthcare, Qualtrics

Did you know?

Adoreboard integrates with Qualtrics and has recently been appointed to power patient experience for Healthscope. It’s Emotion AI technology, Emotics, is now being used across 43 hospitals in Australia.

Jeffrey Woods, National Patient Experience Manager at Healthscope said:

“We are in the business of human caring and humans are emotional beings, this means we can all relate to emotions. Adoreboard’s Emotics helps our frontline staff connect the dots in far more meaningful and empathetic ways. ”

Find out more here. And if you’d like to try our Qualtrics integration, click here.

Adoreboard appointed by Healthscope

That’s this month’s HX Roundup complete!

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