MRS Research Live features emotional interview in Impact magazine

Impact, the research, insight and business intelligence magazine published by the Market Research Society took time out to speak to Adoreboard’s CEO Chris Johnston for their special report on how customer data and market research can work together.

He likes a good chat our Chris, and he had a lot to say…

We use an approach known as common-sense reasoning which uses a knowledge graph on how people converse in every day life and creates a semantic link between the concepts that are expressed. For example, if I was to say ‘birthday cake’, in our linked graph we know it’s related to an event and ingredients, and we can create some fuzzy logic around the emotions that are typically expressed towards that, based on annotated evidence of how people react to things in everyday life through emotions.”

The interview was published in the July edition of Impact Magazine, distributed to Market Research Society members.

What we’re suggesting is that you can do this in real-time and you can start to understand your customer a lot more quickly. You are also able to iterate and test in a more experimental way to get your messaging correct. The real innovation and disruption that Adoreboard brings to the table, says Johnston, is the ability to pre-analyse content before it goes out, then to re-write that content to ensure certain emotions are expressed.”

If you’d like to read the article in full, please head on over to Research Live, where Chris Johnston talks with and Impact Magazine’s deputy editor, Bronwen Morgan.

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