What does Adoreboard do?

Having been at Adoreboard for several months now, I’m often asked “what does Adoreboard do?” And having being recently featured in Research Live – the leading destination for international market researchers and consumer insight professionals – I thought it would be good to provide a short overview.

Firstly, there is no silver bullet in the world of social science, text analysis and big data. We are human. The computer is not.

But combine the two and you’re onto something…

Bring on Adoreboard.

Adoreboard Solutions

Working closely with the School of Psychology at Queen’s University, Adoreboard bring together the two disciplines of social science and data analytics to provide a range of tools and services.

  1. Content analysis and optimisation, monitoring and reporting tools
  2. Consultancy & Project Delivery

Tool: Content Analysis

Analyse and compare any content for emotion, sentiment and activation levels. View at a high level or dive deep into the data.

Clients use this tool to compare and optimse content; email newsletters, business proposals, web copy, transactional email, crisis correspondence, competitor analysis and to prepare for new business pitches.

Tool: Monitoring and Reporting

Keep track of your brand or marketing campaign on social media, blogs and news… or monitor your competitors. Adoreboard brings you a real-time dashboard that tells you how the world feels about your brand/campaign/competitor. Receive automated reports to your inbox and generate bespoke reports that highlight key content.

Clients use this tool for monitoring and reporting on advertising, pr, crisis, sponsorship, brand, events and people.

Consultancy and Project Delivery

Thankfully no one has quite cracked the human algorithm andSkynet remains a problem only for John Connor. However, as such all behavioural and text analytics require human interpretation for true actionable insight.

Being experts in interpreting behavioural & emotional signals, Adoreboard provide bespoke consultancy and project delivery on behalf of agencies and corporates. Reports and deliverables are tailored completely to client requirements. Needless to say, every project is different.

Areas of Expertise

Adoreboard has a range of expertise inhouse. Without getting into the nitty gritty of tech, design and academia, here are a few bullet points…

  • Analysis & insight: emotion, sentiment and activation
  • Monitoring & reporting: news, blogs & social media
  • Bespoke projects
  • Content and personalisation strategy
  • Sponsorship alignment
  • Persona identification
  • Data innovation
  • Brand differentiation and alignment
  • Technology and design
  • Emotion and behavioural psychology

Adoreboard excels at delivering actionable customer and market insight, tailored specifically to client needs.

On the product front, a technical team are always on hand to answer questions and assist with integrations or bespoke requirements.


Adoreboard work with an ever-growing range of clients including;

  • PR agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Crisis management
  • Utility providers
  • A wide range of FMCGs
  • Media companies

Whilst the majority of clients are under NDA, there are a few out in the open. Here’s a sample to give you a sense of what Adoreboard can do for you…

Press Association & General Election 2015

Adoreboard was the provider of social media monitoring data for the Press Association during the 2015 UK General Election. Working closely with their data scientists, we configured an isolated environment that could cope with the huge spikes of social activity during TV interviews and deliver detailed daily reports.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

How well is our recruitment process working? Where can we improve to attract top talent? After analysis of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer trainee recruitment social chatter, Adoreboard was able to break down the customer journey and emotions at each stage. Insight and recommended changes were provided that required only minor efforts for implementation to deliver significant business impact


Adoreboard works closely HAVAS helia in a number of areas, providing deep specialist insight and analysis that give their clients the edge. One very fun project we worked on was an innovation in “>field.work. The result was a collaboration with Ministry of Soundand “beat from a tweet”; a house music audio-visual comprised of the emotion expressed in several brand Twitter feeds. This creative innovation in data earned significant global press coverage.


Passionate about personal and emotionally intelligent marketing,Tweak leverage Adoreboard tools to offer their clients something unique. Content is created, brands are development and campaigns are monitored at an emotional level resulting in better alignment, loyalty and results for clients.

Public Health Agency

What is the impact of public awareness campaigns and how could they be evaluated better? That was the question posed to Adoreboard by the Centre for Excellence for Public Health. Our answer, was to provide them with access to our API to provide a real-time analysis of how people responded to online messages about care in the sun.

Fancy a chat?

So my ‘short overview’ turned out rather longer than I intended, but hopefully it gives you a good idea of what Adoreboard offers.

If you’d like a free trial of our tools or to discuss a project or problem just get in touch. We’d love to help 🙂

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