The 2024 Office Olympics in Pictures- Employee Engagement at it’s finest πŸ˜‚

If you’ve ever looked up office party games, you’ve no doubt came across the Office Olympics; colourful. From precision cup stacking, balloon banter and ping pong ball relays to sweet-sucking straws; we did it all.

Oh, and there were a few Nerf guns for good measure.

Laughter, determination, and unforgettable moments + the most amazing of hosts (massive shout out to Aaron!), made the 2024 Adoreboard Office Olympics a spectacular success.

As a mostly-remote team, it’s great to get a bunch of us together in the office for shared learnings, in-house workshops, brainstorming….and a bit of craic. #EmployeeEngagement

The craic was 90, but the concentration was +100! πŸ‘‡

Customer Success aficionado, Alistair, took the. biscuit when it came to focus and concentration on the tape measure game.

There could only ever be one winner…

And that went to our Zamena; AI guru and trainer of robots πŸ€–

Zamena accepts her award from Office Olympics Head Honcho, Aaron.

It was a very proud moment. Possibly the proudest of my career so far. πŸ†

β€”Zamena Jaffer,
AI Engineer & Office Olympics Champ @ Adoreboard

Zamena went on to thank friends and family far and wide in her acceptance speech. It was a moving moment that brought many of the Adoreboard team to tears.


Here’s to the next one πŸ™Œ.

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