EX CX: 50+ Customer Experience Summit & Conference Events 2024

As we enter the second half of 2024 there are lots of great Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) summits and conferences to attennd. Yes, Qualtrics X4, and many of the Forrester and Gartner events took place during the first half of the year however, you’d be surprised the number of events there are in July, August, September, October, November and even December!

These face-to-face conferences are often mixed with online real-time Q&A sessions, virtual networking, and live-streamed keynotes, ensuring robust participant engagement across the globe as leading companies recognise that optimal experiences for customers and employees alike are crucial to overall business success and sustainability.

Below, you will find 50+ Experience Management (XM) summits from the general to those which are industry-specific such as financial services, travel and hospitality, health and retail.

CX Summits, Conferences & Events 2024

Below are events operating from July 2024 until December 2024.

TypeEvent NameCountryCityStart DateEnd DateLink
CXQualtrics X4 SYDAustraliaSydney2024-07-042024-07-04View Event
CXCX Retail ExchangeUKLondon2024-07-082024-07-09View Event
CXE3CX Customer ExperienceUAERiyadh2024-07-092024-07-10View Event
CXCXFS Customer Experience for Financial ServicesUSBoston2024-07-152024-07-16View Event
CXCustomer Contact Week Asia 2024SingaporeSingapore2024-07-162024-07-19View Event
CXVoice CX Summit 2024New ZealandAuckland2024-07-222024-07-23View Event
CXGenesys Xperience SydneyAustraliaSydney2024-07-302024-07-31View Event
EXHR symposium AU 2024AustraliaSydney2024-07-302024-07-31View Event
CXCEM Africa SummitSouth AfricaCape Town2024-07-302024-08-01View Event
CXWorld CX Summit by TresconCXSingaporeSingapore2024-08-022024-08-03View Event
EXHR Analytics SummitUKLondon2024-09-042024-09-04View Event
CXCX Travel and HospitalityUKLondon2024-09-092024-09-10View Event
CXContact Centre SummitUKManchester2024-09-092024-09-10View Event
CXBank Customer Experience SummitUSCharlotte2024-09-092024-09-11View Event
PX8th Annual Patient Experience SymposiumUSBoston2024-09-162024-09-18View Event
PXPatient Experience Transformation Assembly – September 2024USMiami2024-09-172024-09-18View Event
EXGartner ReimagineHR ConferenceUKLondon2024-09-172024-09-18View Event
CXCustomer Relationship and Marketing MeetingsFranceCannes2024-09-172024-09-19View Event
PXThe Patient Engagement and Experience ConferenceUKLondon2024-09-172024-09-17View Event
EXTalent Management Reloaded EuropeGermanyBerlin2024-09-182024-09-18View Event
CXThe Customer Show SydneyAustraliaSydney2024-09-182024-09-19View Event
EXHR Technology Conference & Expo 2024USLas Vegas2024-09-242024-09-26View Event
CXCustomer Experience for Financial Services SummitCanadaToronto2024-10-012024-10-02View Event
EXCulture SummitUSSan Francisco2024-10-062024-10-08View Event
CXCCW Europe SummitNetherlandsAmsterdam2024-10-072024-10-09View Event
CXCCW: Customer Contact Week EuropéNetherlandsAmsterdam2024-10-072024-10-09View Event
CXCustomer Experience Live ShowUKLondon2024-10-082024-10-09View Event
EXEmployee Benefits Live!UKLondon2024-10-082024-10-09View Event
EX31st Human Resource SummitSpainBarcelona2024-10-082024-10-09View Event
CXGlobal Digital Transformation Summit (DTS-2024)GermanyBerlin2024-10-102024-10-11View Event
CXDigital Customer Engagement SummitUKLondon2024-10-152024-10-15View Event
CXChief Customer Experience Officer SummitSingaporeSingapore2024-10-162024-10-16View Event
CXCX Solutions SummitUKLondon2024-10-172024-10-17View Event
PXVBHC Value Based Healthcare ConfNetherlandsAmsterdam2024-10-212024-10-22View Event
PXPatient Experience SummitUSLas Vegaas2024-10-242024-10-25View Event
PXHospital C-Suite SummitAustriaVienna2024-10-282024-10-30View Event
PXCX Healthcare EastUSFlorida2024-10-292024-10-30View Event
MixedGartner IT Symposium/Xpo™SpainBarcelona2024-11-042024-11-07View Event
EXSHRM Inclusion 2024USAurora2024-11-042024-11-07View Event
CXCX Retail EU ExchangePortugalLisbon2024-11-052024-11-06View Event
MixedWeb SummitPortugalLisbon2024-11-112024-11-14View Event
CXCCW Europe ExchangeUKLondon2024-11-122024-11-14View Event
CXDigital Customer Experience SummitCanadaToronto2024-11-132024-11-14View Event
EXFuture of Work EuropeUKLondon2024-11-132024-11-14View Event
PXThe Patient Centricity & Engagement ConferencNetherlandsAmsterdam2024-11-132024-11-13View Event
PX5th Annual Patient Experience Excellence CongressUAERiyadh2024-11-182024-11-19View Event
EXHR Vision London 2024UKLondon2024-11-192024-11-20View Event
CXCX Asia WeekSingaporeSingapore2024-11-192024-11-22View Event
CXCustomer Engagement SummitUKLondon2024-11-262024-11-26View Event
EXNGPX - Next Generation Patient ExperienceUSPalm Springs2024-12-022024-12-04View Event
PXPatient Experience Transformation Assembly – December 2024USNashville2024-12-032024-12-04View Event
EXGartner ReimagineHR ConferenceAustraliaSydney2024-12-042024-12-05View Event
CXCXFS Connect (CX Financial Services)USOrlando2024-12-092024-12-10View Event

Customer Experience Summits: Key Elements and Trends

Participating in a Customer Experience conference offers invaluable opportunities to network with peers and professionals that face similar challenges. These events provide a platform for insights from major corporations and smaller brands about how they’ve tackled various aspects of the Patient, Employee or Customer Experience puzzle.

Participants can delve into an array of strategic discussions, such as leveraging AI in customer experience management, using feedback analysis templates, the importance of emotion rather than just sentiment and applying rating scales to accurately gauge consumer sentiments.

The use of text analysis as a tool for interpreting vast amounts of verbatim customer feedback is always significant focus, helping companies turn unstructured data into actionable insights to enhance the customer journey and satisfaction.

At most of these events, attendees can explore case studies analysing customer surveys, actions and results, thereby enriching discussions about improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Staying informed on industry trends is a key benefit of attending CX and EX conferences, with specific emphasis in 2024 being on advancements AI-powered or assisted customer feedback analysis and employee engagement techniques.

Learning to apply these technologies effectively and keep up with artificial intelligence is a recurring theme, showcasing the sector’s rapid adaptation to innovative solutions.

Employee Experience Conferences

Alongside Customer Experience, Employee Experience has gained tremendous traction over 2024, with dedicated events emphasizing the interconnectedness of these two domains and Trust as being key to both. Employee engagement and satisfaction directly influence the quality of customer interactions and overall service delivery. Conferences focusing on Employee Experience explore themes such as creating supportive work environments, leveraging feedback for employee development, employee benefits and employing AI tools to enhance HR processes.

Virtual and hybrid models for Employee Experience events also offer interactive sessions, enabling real-time discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities that facilitate the exchange of best practices. These gatherings emphasize the role of effective employee engagement in driving business performance and provide frameworks for measuring and improving employee satisfaction.

Curated List of Premier PX, EX & CX Conferences

With the myriad of options available, choosing the right conferences can be daunting. To help navigate this landscape, we have compiled a list of what we anticipate to be the premier Customer and Employee Experience conferences in the latter half of 2024.

This curated selection includes long-standing events, newer entrants, and those adopting innovative hybrid models to cater to a broader audience. The conferences highlighted are designed to guide attendees through the evolving CX, EX and even PX landscapes, addressing current challenges and solutions while forecasting future trends and opportunities for innovation.

The number of Customer and Employee Experience conferences have made a strong return in 2024, recovering after COVID, it’s a hot area with awareness increasing and many CMOs and marketeers moving into the space.

Whether attending in person or virtually, the wealth of knowledge and interaction provided by these conferences is invaluable for anyone looking to excel in the realms of customer and employee experience, we hope you found this list of 2024 Patient, Employee and Customer Experience Summits!

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