Qualtrics partner trip to London for X4 and inspiration

When Qualtrics X4 arrived in town, team Adoreboard homed in on London from all directions. Literally. Belfast, Dublin and Barcelona landed in London for what was to be an epic event in every way possible.

Jam-packed with everything Experience Management, our day was filled with inspirational keynotes, fascinating tech and lots of in-person human experience.

We listened as Qualtrics shared their plan for the years ahead, from TextIQ, Discovery and beyond. The pro, cons and many considerations for artificial intelligence alongside light hearted comedic entertainment.

Qualtrics CEO kicks things off with AI (& emotion!)

The day’s events launched off with Qualtrics’ CEO Zig Serafin taking us through the AI revolution that is progressing at the speed of light, the risks that lie ahead, the amazing opportunity and the importance of alignment with human values.

He went to to quote a Harvard Business Review study “An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction” that found a highly satisfied customer is not the goal businesses should seek. An emotionally connected customer is what businesses should be striving for – because these customers spend 52% more and become brand champions.

And the crowd went wild.

Possibly a slight exaggeration!

However, Team Adoreboard was delighted as we 100% agree with Zig and the HBR! ❤️ (if you’d like to see our Emotion-AI platform that integrates with Qualtrics click here for a demo).


James Timpson on Employee Experience

One of our favourite keynotes was that of James Timpson who shared his simple employee experience and engagement advice; trust your people to do what is right— give them freedom and be kind to them.

At Timpson, they use a simple 1-10 happiness index to measure employee experience. No technology needed!

James was one of many talks that focused more on EX than CX. Within all the people, talent and culture talks there was an overall constant that trust and care are top priorities for employee experience profs; hire reliable people who care about people was one of the key messages.

It was also a day for meeting with friends, old and new…

With all the running about, not only did we leave happy and content, but we also each cleared 20,000 steps! 👟

Such a shame the Adoreboard team step challenge finished in May!

Oh, and Chris would like to point out that he did get a puppy too— he just missed the group photo shoot #awbless!

Thank you @ Qualtrics Team! 🙏

Until next time!

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