Top 5 Online Accommodation Websites for Customer Experience

With holiday season approaching, more and more people are leaving in-store travel agents behind and turning to online accommodation providers to get the best deal for their stay.

We analysed over 5,000 online mentions of five of the most popular accommodation websites of the moment. Adoreboard’s emotion analysis tool Emotics analyses the mentions to uncover the key themes driving emotional responses from customers. The analysis allows us to see what themes improve or hinder customer experience.


Trivago topped our analysis with an Adorescore of 35 and dominated the other brands on the Trust Index. High levels of trust were driven by customers sharing and commenting on Trivago’s informative listicles which include titles such as “Top Ten Family Friendly US Cities” and “Top Ten LGBTQ Cities”. This content creation has allowed Trivago to engage with their customers online and promote their services through sharing valuable and useful information.

Last Minute

Last Minute are up next with an Adorescore of 34, and high levels of Joy driven by mentions of Celebrity DJ Jax Jones’ collaboration with LastMinute and Spotify for #MusicMakesYouTravel campaign. This collaboration has caused LastMinute’s Adorescore to spike. However the data shows high anger driven by customers complaining about poor customer service and online services.

Expedia & Airbnb

Expedia and Airbnb tie with an Adorescore of 30, both companies drive high levels of trust, with customers praising their top notch customer service. In particular, Airbnb’s work to help refugees and those impacted by emergency events has driven a lot of trust and joy to the brand. may come lowest in our analysis, but 27 is still a relatively good Adorescore. Joy is driven to the brand via customers sharing and enjoying the blogs. These blogs are produced almost daily, and promote locations and top 10 listicles, similar to Trivago. It is obvious that customers like these easily sharable and informative list pieces.

Sadness brings the Adorescore down as customers complain about negative customer service experiences and unexplained charges after cancelling a booking that claimed to be ‘free cancellation”.

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