Webinar Takeaways: How to improve your pitch with Emotion Analysis

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for brands. With a growing number of brands and businesses currently on the market, customers now have the power of choice and their choice tends to be made on the basis of the experiences on offer.

So how can this information help us? Well, realising the power that consumers have suggests that brands and businesses will do their best to win over customers by any means necessary. Analytics tools are the key to understanding true consumer emotions; sentiment analysis is out – the other option is NPS, and the solution is Emotics, Adoreboard’s emotion analytics platform.

Adoreboard is recognised globally, and was mentioned by Forrester in their ‘The Future of CX Measurement’ report. Principal Analyst, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, explained:

“Emotion analysis vendor Adoreboard uses common sense reasoning with effective computing, an AI technology to create an index for each primary emotion in Plutchik’s wheel”.

Forrester notes the importance of recognising emotion and embracing CX as something that’s integral to brand success:

“Emotion accounts for nearly half of the energy that a brand accumulates. Few brands actively measure emotion or don’t deeply understand the drivers behind their customers’ emotions”.

Emotics uses AI to reveal ‘unknown unknowns’ of customer emotions. The platform also details the drivers behind those emotions which can be used to evidence new insights. Consumer emotions act as the ‘breadcrumbs’ to the insight gathered, which then advances and influences decisions that improve brand and business performance.

How emotion analysis works – in 3 steps

  1. Integrate the data
    Data can be gathered from social media, blogs, news and surveys etc. Adoreboard have recently integrated Survey Monkey into the Emotics platform.
  2. What drives customer emotion?
    Once gathered, Emotics will analyse the unstructured text. The first thing that we provide is a directional metric, which is called the ‘Adorescore’. The Adorescore is on an index of -100 to +100. Emotics identifies the root cause analysis of the reasons behind the scores, i.e. what it is that drives the emotions felt by consumers. For example, Apple’s iPhone may score -72 on Emotics, which is driven by feelings of anger towards the brand. We can look at this deeper to see that consumers typically love the product, however strong ‘anger’ is driven by the poor battery life of the product.
  3. Apply decision-ready insights
    The data and insights that we provide are then used to prioritise the things that really matter, such as improvements to a product, service, brand or business which, in turn, optimises CX and boosts performance.  

Adoreboard works with a range of brands from Unilever, to other corporates like Telstra, through to global agencies such as Wunderman, Analogfolk and McCann Health.

McCann Health is a global digital agency which represents leading healthcare and pharma brands. The challenge was for Adoreboard to bring innovation to seven key international markets through a scaled analytics solution.

Emotics uncovered key emotional themes that helped McCann to understand specific pain points of their patients at each stage of their condition. McCann were then able to create a scalable digital content strategy based on Adoreboard’s actionable insights.

Key results for McCann Health:

  • Creation of the world’s 1st emotion based go-to-market plan
  • Scaling to 12 new markets for product launch
  • An increase of 48% in the effectiveness of content based on emotional triggers

Adoreboard have also worked with Zone Digital who have global clients such as Coca-cola, BT and Unilever.

Zone Digital have used Emotics for many projects. The webinar focused on their work for national charity Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs wanted to transform how they communicate and connect with the public across the UK. Additionally, they wanted to understand why the majority of their supporters are female and ways in which the charity can increase male support and engagement.

Through the use of Emotics, Zone Digital revolutionised how men interact with the Guide Dogs’ brand.

Emotics highlighted how people emotionally engaged with different elements of the brand. One insight revealed that men felt stronger emotions of joy and trust towards the training of guide dog puppies. This insight created the opportunity to develop an innovative marketing strategy which specifically targeted males and aligned with the emotions revealed in the analysis.

Key results for Zone Digital’s client were:

  • Increased brand affinity and public perception of the brand
  • More specific and targeted marketing strategy to optimise engagement
  • Increased male engagement with the brand

3 Actionable Steps to Improve your Insight

  1. Discover the “unknown unknowns”
    Use data insight to tell the audience what they don’t already know. These gems will provide the real business value.
  2. Adopt a customer perspective
    Think about how you can tap into broader concepts in the life of the customer. Discover the key emotional drivers to give you a fresh innovative way to think about the brand. This will also allow you to benchmark against competitors.
  3. Overcome emotional disconnect
    Remember, it’s not all about the data – It’s about the actionable, decision ready insights which enable immediate action.

Consumers today undoubtedly hold a huge amount of power; it is essential for brands and businesses to embrace this and listen to the wants and needs of their customers. Understanding that emotion shapes CX is a key attribute of successful modern brands. Emotics is the tool that goes beyond NPS and helps you unlock your brand or business’s full potential.

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