Sentiment isn’t going to help you create better content, but emotion will

In a blog post for Brandwatch, 3 Methods to Generate Actionable Marketing Intelligence, Dr Jillian Ney looks at how to use insight from social media to grab audience attention.

And it’s one of these methods that Adoreboard (which she references) excels at: emotion for the middle brain.

“The middle brain is also largely responsible for decision-making, and it’s governed by mood and emotion. So, how do your customers feel about your brand or your product? How do you want to make them feel? Personally, I don’t think there is enough conversation about emotion; there’s a lot of chat about sentiment but not emotion.

“Sentiment isn’t going to help you create better content but emotion will. Emotion can be shown in visuals and copy but you need to know how you want to make your customers and your audience feel. There are tools out there that help you to analyse what drives certain emotions towards your brand (Adoreboard is one example).

“I suggest you start by finding out your brand’s emotional signature to see how you already make them feel and use this familiarity to grab attention and increase liking. Or think about how you help them solve their pain points – our brains are terribly, terribly selfish and if you can show people how you help them, they are likely to pay more interest in what you are saying….”

She concludes on how to use social insights in marketing:

“Measuring keywords and broad topics isn’t going to help you create better content – to create better content you need to look to your customers and their behavior, you need to understand how they make decisions.

“Think of your visuals as how you grab attention, the emotion as how you provoke interest and your copy as the final nudge on how to convert action. All these insights are there waiting to be found in social; you just need to know the right metrics to use to find them and stop focusing too heavily on your brand – focus on the customer!”

You can read the rest of this excellent article here!

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