Top Tech Gifts of 2016

Struggling for last minute gift inspiration for Christmas? We analysed over 15,000 tweets to uncover the top 5 tech gifts of 2016! So if your have a tech obsessed friend or family member or simply want to treat yourself, this list is for you.

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Google’s newest addition to the smartphone scene is number one on our list, with an Adorescore of 52. Mentions of the Google Pixel drive the highest levels of joy and trust. Google is a market leader and well renowned brand that harnesses high levels of trust with users. High levels of joy are driven by users positive reviews of the phone, with many claiming it beats the new iPhone 7 (check out our earlier post on the iPhone 7 launch). Following the melting controversy and recall of the latest Samsung Note 7 it’s no surprise the Google Pixel tops the smartphone list.

The Google Pixel starts at £599 and ranges to £819.


The Amazon Echo comes second in our analysis, with a positive Adorescore of 49. Joy is driven by people using the hashtag #AskAlexa to express their love of Amazon’s voice activated home assistant. It is not surprisingly one of the most coveted tech items this year; In fact the Amazon Echo came out on top of our in depth comparison with the Apple HomeKit and Google Home on the blog back in September (check it out here). Amazon have promoted the Echo heavily through online influencers, with many sharing their thoughts and reviews about the product on their various social media channels. Influencer marketing is a really effective way to get people positively talking about your brand online and Amazon’s positive Adorescore reflects this.

Amazon Echo prices start at £129.99.


Third on our list is the GoPro Hero 5. The latest 4K action camera’s new perks include voice activation and cloud storage. Its Adorescore is 45, with the main emotions evoked being joy and trust. Such positive emotions are driven by mentions of enhanced camera quality and the new and improved fully waterproof design, with no need for extra casing to get those underwater shots.

Prices start from £335.


It’s a given that at least one Apple product has to make this list, and this year it’s the new Macbook Pro. There was some initial controversy when the new edition was launched, with a significant rise in price and removal of USB ports meaning customers have to fork out an extra £25 pounds for an adaptor (check out our Macbook launch analysis here). However, the new Macbook is still on many Apple loyals’ wishlists, with an Adorescore of 40. Joy is driven by people praising the new touch bar function and the high quality video.

The new Macbook price starts at £1,749 in the UK.


The last entry in our Top 5 is the Samsung Gear360. This is the new camera from Samsung that allows the user to take 360 photos and video, which they can upload to their phone and use with Samsung’s Gear VR headset to immerse themselves in the 360-degree environment. The camera has an Adorescore of 38 with joy being driven by excitement regarding DIY virtual reality and sharing joyful experiences with others.
Prices start at £349.00.

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