Top 5 Fitness Trackers of 2017

Christmas is officially over and the New Year’s resolutions have begun. With the overindulgence of the festive season, a health and fitness revamp is on the list for a lot of people. It’s no coincidence that gym memberships increase in January and brand new fitness fashion, accessories and cookbooks hit the shelves. Wearable fitness trackers have become increasingly popular after the launch of the more user friendly Fitbit in 2009. There are so many options in the market for fitness trackers that consumers don’t know where to start. We decided to use Emotics, our emotion analysis software to analyse over 15,000 tweets to uncover the top 5 activity trackers for 2017.
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Top of our list is the new addition from Withings, with an Adorescore of 51. The Withings Steel HR is a unique addition to the smartwatch market with the blending of both analog and digital in a traditional watch casing.
High levels of joy was driven by mentions of the Withings watch with users expressing their excitement for the launch and the praising the sleek design as being more fashion forward.


Garmin’s fitness trackers are second on our list with an Adorescore of 49 with most mentions regarding the Forerunner 35. High levels of trust are driven by many people praising the Forerunner’s usefulness for running and many sharing their marathon training stories. The Garmin Forerunner seems to be the most trusted by runners online.


FitBit (probably one of the most well known fitness trackers) places third on our list with an Adorescore of 46. Fitbit is a highly trusted brand, with trust driven by users sharing their goals, step counts and fitbit badges with others online. The new Fitbit Charge HR 2, Blaze and Flex 2 are the most mentioned versions.
FitBit is also mentioned online by people poking fun at the numbers of people trying to get fit for their New Year’s resolutions.


Fourth on our list comes the Apple Watch with an Adorescore of 45 (very close to competitor FitBit). High levels of joy is driven by the sleek design and customisation options offered by Apple. Joy is also driven by mentions of comedian Kevin Hart’s advertisement for Nike’s Apple Watch and the funny nature of the ad.


Last on our list is the Jawbone UP3 with the lowest Adorescore of 16. This negative score is mostly driven by a high volume of customer complaints to Jawbone regarding broken straps or delay responses to complaints or returns.

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