Spotify v Apple Music Advertising: Who’s Top of the Charts?

Online music streaming services are rapidly increasing in popularity, with millions choosing to stream music from an extensive online library rather than purchasing and downloading songs. So … Spotify v Apple Music Advertising: Who’s Top of the Charts?

The two giants in the online music streaming world are Spotify and Apple Music. Swedish company Spotify are the original popular streaming service, launched 8 years ago with Apple launching their own version only 1 year ago. Spotify currently has a larger subscriber base than Apple Music. Spotify currently have over 100 million active users with 30 million paid subscribers, while Apple only have 15 million paid subscribers. It is important to note that Apple Music’s rate of growth is a lot faster than Spotify.



Spotify have just launched their biggest ever brand campaign to go out to over 14 different markets. The ads are tailored to each location and contain findings from data from user’s listening habits. For example one ad in London claims over 3,749 users streamed “It’s the end of the world as we know it” on the day of the Brexit vote.


It is a smart and quirky way to use data to market the streaming service. The humorous ads have got people talking.

The Adorescore for Spotify is 34 with the key emotions being joy and trust. The topics driving the most joy to the brand are people talking positively about the ad campaign and sharing images with their friends online. Trust is driven by people’s long standing connection with Spotify and some claiming they favour it over Apple or Amazon’s offering.

Apple Music


Apple Music have produced some great ads featuring big names such as Taylor Swift (who is also publicly absent from Spotify’s library), Drake and James Corden. Apple Music’s Adorescore is slightly higher than Spotify’s with a positive 39. The main emotions driven from mentions are joy and vigilance. Vigilance (also known as heightened interest) and joy are drawn from people talking about the new Drake ad. Drake is a major celebrity influencer right now with his song “One Dance” being the most popular of the year. Apple’s use of major influencers such as Drake and Taylor Swift draw a lot of interest to the brand and is a major factor for Apple’s higher Adorescore.


Our analysis shows that both players are very close competitors and a lot of people are undecided with which one they like better. The analysis highlights the rising power of the online influencer, something we will look into further on the blog in the coming weeks.

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