How Film/Brand Partnerships Can Enhance CX


The hotly anticipated Star Wars Episode Viii: The Last Jedi hit the theaters last week, smashing box office records. Star Wars owner Disney have partnered with brands such as Nissan, Duracell, Phillips and Google Pixel to cash in on the hype surrounding the latest production. Partnering with a major feature film is an effective way to enhance Customer Experience (CX) and any excitement and joy felt towards the film should be driven towards the associated brand.

Online Reaction to The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is 2 hours and 33 minutes of intergalactic action. The production features the return of old favourite Luke Skywalker, new favourites Rey and BB-8 and also features Carrie Fisher’s last performance as the iconic Princess Leia.

We used our Emotion AI Emotics to measure the emotions evoked through social data. The results showed that high levels of Joy and Trust were driven towards the film during the opening week, producing an overall positive Adorescore* of 46. Reviews of the film have been mostly positive with a lot of viewers praising actor Adam Driver for his performance as tormented villain Kylo Ren. Further praise was directed towards the great cinematography of the film.

Brand Partnerships and Customer Experience


Car manufacturer Nissan previously partnered with 2016 Star Wars spin-off Rogue One to launch a new car line – Rogue. The partnership was reported to result in a 300% return on investment for the company so it’s no surprise that Nissan decided to retain the partnership for the latest movie. This year they promoted the AI systems within their cars by integrating the science fiction world of Star Wars into their ad.


Taking over from Gillette, who is now tied up with DC’s Justice League, Phillips released 5 new limited edition Star Wars designed electric shavers featuring colours from prominent characters including BB-8 and R2-D2.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel have released special AR Star Wars stickers for the Pixel 2. The stickers allow users to insert interactive characters into photos and video to recreate scenes from the film. The advert uses the tagline “The force is yours.”


Battery leader Duracell have partnered with Star Wars for a few years now. The aim of the ad is to highlight Duracell’s superior battery quality when compared to other battery brands. The ad features a battery operated Star Wars droid BB-8 functioning better on Duracell.

Customers’ expectations are changing rapidly and customer experience is where customers can be won or lost.  Customer Experience was named as the new battleground for brands in 2017 and for 2018 this hasn’t changed. The experience provided throughout the entire customer journey is vital for marketers to understand. Brands partnering up with major films, like Star Wars, are reaching and engaging with huge and loyal fanbases. The high Adorescore and positive emotions driven from mentions of the film will positively impact the beginning of the customer journey for each of the brands associated.

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* The Adorescore is a high level performance indicator of the level of emotion in content measured on a scale of -100 to 100, the higher the score the more positive the content.

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