Gartner Customer experience

Gartner Customer Experience Summit: Five Key Takeaways

Thinking time. Everyone needs it for perspective. Attending industry events like the Gartner Customer Experience and Technologies summit hit the spot. As for takeaways, we’ve summarised some research figures worthy of note. Here are the top five, hopefully, this sparks some further thoughts to reflect on your own journey to improving customer experience. 1.   80% […]

ethical consumer

Brands Response to the Rise in the Ethical Consumer

The internet and social media have made it easier for consumers to keep informed on ethical issues and to find out what standards their favourite brands hold. More and more customers are considering the impact their purchases have on the world around them.Documentaries such as Cowspiracy and A Plastic Ocean have lead to a huge […]


How Film/Brand Partnerships Can Enhance CX

The hotly anticipated Star Wars Episode Viii: The Last Jedi hit the theaters last week, smashing box office records. Star Wars owner Disney have partnered with brands such as Nissan, Duracell, Phillips and Google Pixel to cash in on the hype surrounding the latest production. Partnering with a major feature film is an effective way […]