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Shopper Insights: Top 5 UK Baby Care Brands for CX

Parents expect the best for their children and don’t hold back when a brand falls short of their expectations. With many emerging brands in the babycare space, it is more important than ever to get customer experience right. One negative review of a leaky nappy or irritating wipe can have a devastating impact on even […]

The Battle of the Christmas Ads 2017

Every year during the festive period brands go head to head to compete for the best Christmas ad. Whether it’s John Lewis v Marks and Spencer or  Waitrose v Sainsbury’s, most of them tend to spare no expense in creating the most tear-jerking ad. 2016 saw bouncing boxers from John Lewis and James Corden singing […]

Not so Super…markets: Top 5 Supermarkets for Customer Experience

Supermarkets play a huge role in everyday life and for many people it can even be classified as a social event. However, they may not be as super at customer experience as you might think! It is vital for supermarkets to understand their customers and ensure they are providing a positive customer experience to increase […]

The Battle of the Christmas Ads: The Top Ten

Last week we analysed four of the most talked about Christmas ads of 2016 (Read the blog post here). This week we decided to update our analysis with the addition of six more festive commercials to reveal our top 10 and uncover the emotions driven by each one. We used our emotion analysis tool to […]