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Parents expect the best for their children and don’t hold back when a brand falls short of their expectations. With many emerging brands in the babycare space, it is more important than ever to get customer experience right. One negative review of a leaky nappy or irritating wipe can have a devastating impact on even the biggest brand.

We analysed customer commentary regarding industry heavyweights Pampers and Huggies and compared them with supermarket own brand baby care ranges including Sainsburys Little Ones, Tesco’s Fred and Flo and Asda’s Little Angels. The analysis provides us with a deeper insight into who delivers the best customer experience. The data is assessed across 8 emotion indexes to understand how customers feel about each brand and the themes that are driving key emotions.

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Results Explained

We ranked the brands by Adorescore. The Adorescore is a metric used by Adoreboard which allows you to understand how well or badly a brand is performing. Based on an Index of -100 to +100 you can gauge quickly if your brand is adored or floored.

The Adorescore should be used as a signpost to understand the directional view of overall performance. If the Adorescore is below 20, you can explore why using the Rage, Anger, Disgust and Apprehension indexes. If the Adorescore is above 30 explore the positive indexes like Joy and Trust.

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1. Huggies

Kimberly Clark’s Huggies brand has topped our analysis with an Adorescore of 35. Customers express high joy scoring 51 on the Joy Index when praising the thickness and quality of their wet wipe range.

“Love the Huggies Swipes more than the other baby wipes!! Its really gentle and fragrance free and good thickness and pull when u use them! 5 ⭐️ stars! and of course great value for money!!”

Huggies are well praised by their customers online, joy and trust are driven by mentions of their nappy range with customers praising their good absorption and longevity of use.

“Huggies never fail from my eldest to youngest specially for overnight used. my baby sleep is well til morning without changing his diaper. for me this is the best diaper i ever had.”

2= Pampers

Procter and Gamble’s Pampers range is placed second in our analysis joint with Tesco’s Fred and Flo range. Pampers also rank highly with an Adorescore of 33. They have the highest joy score of the analysis with 54/100 which is 3 points higher than winner Huggies. However, Pampers fell short on their trust score when compared with Huggies.  They placed 3rd highest in trust out of the five brands analysed.

Mentions of the sensitivity of Pamper’s baby range drove trust and joy to the brand. Customers were complimentary of how good the brand was for babies with sensitive skin. Mentions of the swaddler range were also highly praised for newborns. 

“Pampers sensitive wipes are the only wipes we have tried that didn’t give our baby a rash. We love them. The thickness is really nice too!”

“I love these! They are perfect for newborns! Both my kids had sensitive bottoms and pampers swaddlers were the best ones for them!”

Some mentions of bad odour from Pampers nappies has driven some disgust to the brand with a score of 33 on the Disgust Index.

“I’m very unhappy with the horrible, chemical smell of Pampers. We thought our son had a UTI because the smell was so bad. Turns out it was just a strong chemical reaction with his urine and that pack of diapers.”

2= Tesco Own Brand

Tesco came in joint second place with Pampers and first place amongst supermarket own brand babycare with a score of 33. Tesco had the highest trust score of the analysis with a score of 55/100.

Customers shared their experiences of nappy absorption and praised Tesco as the best, leading to a high trust score.

“I love Aldi nappies too but have noticed a bit of leakage now and again when she’s slept for a long stretch. I’ve tried Tesco nappies recently and haven’t had any leaks at all. I’d recommend them!”

Great reviews of the Tesco’s Fred and Flo range of baby wipes also pushed their positive scores up. Joy and Interest were increased by customers praising the budget friend price of the Tesco brand when compared to more high priced competitors such as Pampers and Huggies.

“The best wipes i have found are Tesco Flo & Fred sensitive wipes. They are only about 79p a packet too. You can’t go wrong with that!”

Reports of chemical concerns and nappy rash drove Tesco’s anger score up and their Adorescore down. Complaints of chemical smells and child safety concerns showed up in the data.

“1 of my children has woken in agony from a chemical reaction to a nappy, welts, lumps & bad rash. Last time it was my daughter in Tesco nappy,”

“I really don’t like them ☹️ They have a horrible chemical smell to them. Unfortunately, Tesco is our nearest shop, but we will need to start going further out for nappies”

4. Asda Little Angels

Asda’s Little Angels came 4th in our analysis with an Adorescore of 25. The main theme driving joy towards Asda babycare was their affordable price point. Customers appreciate good quality products at a reasonable price.

“I’ve always sworn by Asda’s nappies, they have always been fab for my daughter from birth until now just at night time (she’s 4) she’s now in pull-ups size 6. I’ve always found they never leak, no nasty smell like Pampers. So affordable too.”

Customers also praised the quality of Asda’s nappies, claiming they are super absorbent and minimal leaks occur during night use.

“Recommend little angels- Asda brand, but the + nappies because they are made for more absorbancy – really cheap but I find them better and hold more than pampers.”

So why did they rank lower? The data showed a high volume of complaints about nappy rash caused by the Asda brand nappies. People took to social media and forums to warn other parents about the issue. This increased Asda’s sadness score to 34 out of 100.

“When we got him undressed we saw the rash. It looked like burn marks all over his bum. “We took them back to Asda and complained. When I looked online I found this has happened to loads of other kids. “They should test their nappies before they sell them.”

“@asda tried to call your cust service number but closed, I used a Little Angels nappy for the first time today on my 1yo and she has come out in a terrible red rash, nearly broken skin in the nappy area. I’m concerned this could be a widespread issue. Can someone get in touch please”

5. Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Sainsbury’s Little One’s brand of babycare placed last in our analysis with a very low Adorescore of 9 ranking highest on the Disgust, Sadness and Anger Index.

The low score is due to a high volume of complaints regarding the quality and the fit of Sainsbury’s nappies. Customers complained that nappies didn’t fit the ages advertised, claiming they were oversized and thus led to leaks.

“Sainsbury’s it was actually hilarious how badly they fitted him. He pooed and pretty much all of it came out the sides, there was hardly any poop in the nappy he’s a tubby little thing so Sainsbury’s must be good for the taller stature!”

“I tried Sainsbury’s own nappies the other week and I thought they were really poor quality. I defo won’t be continuing with Sainsbury’s ones they ain’t so great”

Complaints of chemical odours from new nappies also brought Sainsbury’s overall Adorescore down.

“Hi ladies, Just wanted to know if I’m going mad. I picked up some nappies in Sainsbury’s and when wet they smell like burnt rubber. Anyone else experience this?”

The analysis highlights the importance of monitoring and addressing customer commentary and understanding the impact your product has your customer’s emotions. In summary, good quality, safe and reasonably priced babycare can enhance product experience. By contrast, lacklustre quality, fit and issues with nappy rash or burns are sure-fire ways to turn a customer off your brand.

At Adoreboard, our emotion analysis software Emotics allows us to measure the emotional intensity around customer experience. It unearths the underlying themes driving emotional response and provides detailed customer insights to improve customer experience.

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