What is Text Analytics and why is it important?

Text Analytics is extracting insights and meaning from any written text. Text Analysis is extremely valuable for human understanding for customer experience and employee experience perspective.

Text can be analysed manually, however, this is an extremely time-consuming process especially for large datasets. Therefore, Text Analysis software has been created using machine learning, AI and Natural Language Processing to extract meaning from large amounts of text.

Why is Text Analytics Important?

Text analysis has the power to take unstructured text and make it actionable. It provides business decision-makers with the ability to extract customer, employee or as we like to call it “human” insights from data sources that were previously too time-consuming or costly to analyse. 

As unstructured text is available from so many sources, text analysis makes it possible to access and analyse data from different touchpoints along the customer journey. For example, a business can access data from the beginning of a customer journey such as the buying stage, when a customer expresses excitement and shares their experience of buying a new phone. Or the post-purchase stage when a customer may leave a negative review on a website or share their frustration about customer service on social media.

Having access to this type of insight can be game-changing for the business and a key differentiator in creating a great customer and human experience.

Adoreboard and Text Analytics

Adoreboard’s Data Scientists use AI and Machine Learning to extract over 24 emotions from any text. Key themes and topics driving each emotion are pinpointed and laid out in the product. The analysis allows brands to quickly identify the things that are driving negative emotions and therefore need to be improved or worked on and also the things driving positive emotions that the business are doing well on.

How do I get started with Text Analytics?

Adoreboard offers the use of it’s TA platform Emotics or also a team of Data Analysts who can do the analysis for you specific to your project or guide you through your first project using the software.

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