HX Roundup December 2019 – The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience

Welcome to the latest edition of our 2019 HX Roundup series. This edition will showcase the best experience-related articles from December. From big brands to small independents you’ll find a curated list right here.

With it being a new year many of our curated articles are roundups, so consider this edition a roundup of roundups.

Sources this month include MyCustomer, CIO, Gartner, Forbes, CX Magazine and more.


My Customer’s 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

Kicking off our December roundup is this er… roundup of the 10 most popular blogs of 2019 on MyCustomer.com. MyCustomer is an all-round great resource for those working in or are interested in the experience space. Topics include customer journey mapping, pillars of CRM success, behavioural science and AI.

Source: MyCustomer, 11th Dec 2019.

Top 5 CX Trends for 2020: CIO Report

Jennifer O’Brien, Associate Editor of CIO outlines the top 5 CX trends for 2020 based on research by Ecosystm. This is a short but impactful article informing businesses where best to focus their CX efforts in 2020. Key themes are personalisation, AI and customer emotion.

Source: CIO.com, Jennifer O’Brien. 19th Dec 2019.

Gartner Top Strategic Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Global research firm Gartner has put together its top strategic predictions for 2020 and how CIOs and IT leaders must adapt to maintain a competitive advantage. All claims are backed up by research and real-life examples in true Gartner style. We will let you read the full piece to find out all the predictions but the main themes include using AI to increase accessibility, using AI for emotion intelligence, blockchain and digital innovation. 

Source: Gartner, Kasey Panetta, 22nd October 2019.

7 Customer-Experience-Related Predictions for 2020

Adrian Swinscoe is becoming a regular feature in our HX Roundups, but in this piece on Forbes he outlines his 7 Customer Experience related predictions for 2020. He starts off by highlighting the importance of not only focusing on trends of the future but also the importance of focusing on the present and getting things right now. With this in mind, Adrian has outlined the predictions he thinks stand out and provides his own commentary towards each one.

Source: Forbes, Adrian Swinscoe, 4th Dec 2019.

CX Leadership Trends 2020: From Little Things Big Things Grow

Next up is another trends article but another perspective from SmarterCX. They outline five little changes that they claim will make a big difference in CX performance. They reference research from Forrester, Harvard Business Review and FocusVision laid out in a concise and easily digestible way.

Source: SmarterCX.com, Alex Allwood, 17th December 2019.

CXM’s Top 50 CX Stars

CXM list their Top 50 CX Stars. Some familiar faces from previous roundups feature including James Dodkins and Adrian Swinscoe. A great reference point if you are looking for new people with new ideas to follow in the experience space. 

Source: CXM, Paul Ainsworth, 20th December 2019

37 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know for 2020

Next on our roundup is another handy reference piece of 37 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know for 2020. This lengthy article by Toma Kulbyte is jam-packed with interesting stats and definitions for the CX professional. If this article doesn’t convince you of the importance of CX differentiation nothing will.

Source: Superoffice.com, Toma Kulbyte, 6th January 2020.

Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Experience 2020

Our final “trends” article comes from CX Futurist Blake Morgan. Blake goes into detail for her 5 predictions including the importance of service over products and the vital growth and importance of culture for both customers and employees.

Source: Forbes, Blake Morgan, 17th December 2019.

20 Ways To Create An Amazing Customer Experience In 2020

Shep Hyken takes to Forbes with 20 actions you can take to improve your customer experience for 2020. They are tactical and actionable suggestions including eliminating long hold times, employee experience and social media use.

Source: Forbes, Shep Hyken, 8th Dec 2019.

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