Trust Builders podcast for CX & EX profs — launch with Alex Genov, Zappos

Trust Builders is here to do something about it. 🚀

In this new podcast series, Chris Johnston and Alex Genov explore the concept of trust with esteemed CX and EX leaders from across the globe.

Join us as we dissect the core principles of customer-centricity and how to cultivate values of trust and empathy with real-world experiences from industry trailblazers sharing their ideas, actions, and outcomes. ⚡️

Most importantly, you’ll come away with actionable insights on how you can build trust in your organisation and how it relates to retention and value at risk.

Your hosts are Alex Genov, a renowned author and CX leader, currently Head of Customer Research and Marketing Insights at Zappos and Chris Johnston, CEO of Adoreboard, a market leader in AI-driven emotion analytics for experience management.

*** Episode 01: Alex Genov ***
Head of Customer Research and Marketing Insights at Zappos

During this first episode, we take a deep dive into the insights of host Alex Genov and his 25 years experience as a CX visionary. With a PhD in Experimental Social Psychology, Alex has led UX and CX teams across a range of industries ranging from personal finance at Intuit/Turbotax, B2B at Active Network, insurance at State Farm and to where he has now called home a decade, retail with Zappos.

Listen to discover Alex’s ideas, actions and outcome and how you can benefit from his years of experience and learnings.

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