US Election: The Emotional Impact of the Final Fortnight

In just a couple of days we will know the outcome of what has been one the most talked about controversial political campaigns worldwide, Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States.

Here at Adoreboard we have been closely monitoring the tumultuous campaign and the ups and downs have been featured regularly on our blog and corresponding newsletter. We have been running social data for both Trump and Clinton through our emotional analysis software daily to understand how the world has been feeling about each candidate. Our tool allows us to take social data, which tells us “what people think” and turn it into actionable emotional insights into “how people feel”. This allows the user to identify the topics and themes that have led to those feelings.

The chart below highlights the Adorescore and dominating emotions for each candidate over the last 2 weeks. We analysed over 6,000 tweets each day to closely monitor the emotions and trends associated.


Trump Clinton emotional reaction

The results show that the emotional impact of the two candidates has been very inconsistent. This election season has been plagued by controversy on both sides, and the data suggests that no one is a shoe in for the presidency just yet.

Clinton was experiencing a great rise in positivity approaching Thursday 27th October, with a clear 63 points between her and Trump’s Adorescores. The tone of mentions on social media channels took a potentially devastating turn on Friday 28th October as the FBI announced that they would be examining new evidence in relation to their investigation into Clinton’s email practices. The revelation brought Clinton’s Adorescore crashing to 16 with loathing being the dominant emotion on social media. The public backlash brought rival Donald Trump’s Adorescore up 46 points to 22 – a huge boost for him and his campaign. The scores took another dive on November 2nd, when polls were released showing that Trump was closing in on Clinton’s lead.

We used our emotional analysis tool to compare the level of trust driven by the two candidates from last week following the email scandal (28/10) and today (4/11), just four days before voting closes.


The results show that levels of trust felt in relation to Hillary Clinton have decreased since the FBI announcement. Online discussions which mention Trump contain much higher levels of trust overall.

Overall both candidates drive a lot of negativity throughout social media, with the dominating emotions being loathing and grief. With the election results to be revealed next week the world doesn’t appear to be too happy with either choice for president.

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**Editor Update: Following the release of this story, Donald Trump won the election. Read our further analysis of the result reaction here: The World Reacts to President Trump.

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