Customer Experience Roundup (16 June)

Welcome to week 2 of our blog series catered to Customer Experience (CX) leaders. 

We understand the value of your time, yet recognise your desire to stay informed about the latest CX developments.

Presenting – The CX Roundup.

On a weekly basis (approximately), we condense the news into a concise summary just for you.

Our objective is to provide an article that can be consumed in less time than it takes for water to reach boiling point, whether you prefer a kettle or a pot.

Article #1: CX Trends 2023: immersive CX marks the dawn of a new era in service

This Zendesk article discusses the growing importance of immersive customer experiences (CX) for businesses. 

Despite economic challenges and changing consumer expectations, companies are optimistic about the future and plan to invest in immersive CX. 

Research by Zendesk shows that businesses that have responded to customer demands for immersive experiences have seen positive return on investment (ROI). 

Immersive CX refers to natural, fluid interactions with companies, such as conversational experiences and seamless AI integration. 

The article also highlights five trends driving the move towards immersive CX: advanced AI experiences, empowering conversational experiences, deeper personalisation, customer wellbeing and sentiment, and integrated CX teams. 

Businesses are encouraged to prepare for immersive CX by utilising actionable insights from Zendesk’s report and participating in related events.

Article #2: Forrester: CX Leaders, Prove Us Wrong: Defy 2023’s Troubling Trends

This Forrester article discusses Forrester’s predictions for customer experience (CX) trends in 2023. 

The first prediction is that CX differentiation will decline in three-fourths of industries, indicating that brands are becoming less distinct from each other. 

This is attributed to stagnant improvements in the quality of experiences, companies becoming less customer-obsessed, and changing consumer values. 

The second prediction is that four in five CX teams will lack critical design, data, and journey skills. 

To address these challenges, CX leaders are advised to focus on establishing, funding, and scaling the CX function, identify the necessary skills required, and close any skill gaps through various resources such as courses and certifications.

Article #3: Unlock CX Success in 2023: Empower Your Employees and Enhance Customer Experience

This ISG article highlights the importance of customer experience (CX) for businesses and discusses the challenges they face in delivering exceptional CX. 

It emphasises the need for organisations to adapt and innovate to meet evolving customer preferences and trends. 

The article identifies key CX trends for 2023, including the use of AI and chatbots, omnichannel experiences, personalisation, transparency, data security, and predictive analytics. 

It also emphasises the correlation between employee experience (EX) and CX, highlighting  the benefits of investing in employee engagement and satisfaction to improve overall CX. 

The example of Southwest Airlines is provided to illustrate the connection between EX and CX success. 

The article concludes by emphasising the significance of employee experience trends in facilitating a great CX and enabling businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape.

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