Employee Experience Roundup (16 June)

Welcome to week 2 of our blog series catered to HR and leaders in employee experience (EX).

We understand the value of your time, yet recognise your desire to stay informed about the latest EX developments.

Presenting – The EX Roundup.

On a weekly basis (approximately), we condense the news into a concise summary just for you.

Our objective is to provide an article that can be consumed in less time than it takes for water to reach boiling point, whether you prefer a kettle or a pot.

Article #1: Rethinking Your Approach to the Employee Experience

In this Harvard Business Review article, the author discusses a fresh perspective on employee experience that goes beyond traditional benefits. 

The focus now lies on how employees feel about their company, requiring a different approach. 

According to Gartner, employees are more motivated by emotions than material features once their basic needs are met, desiring to be treated as individuals rather than just workers. 

The article suggests five strategies for this new approach, including connecting with employees’ personal lives, promoting autonomy, encouraging personal growth, fostering shared purpose, and providing comprehensive well-being offerings. 

The pandemic has highlighted the limitations of the old transactional relationship, leading employers to respond accordingly.

Article #2: New model of employee experience can help organisations drive growth, retention and resilience

This World Economic Forum article discusses the importance of employee experience (EX) in navigating disruptions, transformations, and economic uncertainty.

It challenges the traditional linear model of EX and introduces a new model that takes into account multiple factors influencing employees’ experiences at work, including their relationship with the company, colleagues, and the nature of their work. 

The article presents research findings on the most important aspects of EX and how it correlates with outcomes such as retention. 

It also highlights the need to understand the interconnectedness between the linear and ongoing employee experience. 

The article concludes by recommending organisations to measure and prioritise EX to effectively respond to challenges and improve employee satisfaction.

Article #3: Why the time is right to re-think employee experience

This HR Magazine article highlights the need for a radical re-examination of employee experience in the digital age. 

It emphasises that just as technology has transformed our personal lives, it should also have a significant impact on the way we work. 

HR is positioned as the driver of this change, with the responsibility of designing experiences that empower individuals and organisations to maximise their performance and potential. 

Autonomy and technology play a crucial role in shaping employee experiences, enabling individuals to make decisions about their careers, assess their performance, and have more control over their working lives. 

The article emphasises the importance of creating emotional experiences, using purposeful and relevant technology, and designing systems that are user-friendly and free from bias.

It concludes by highlighting the exciting possibilities that technological advancements bring to enhance employee experience and calls for imagination and commitment to deliver these advancements in the ever-changing landscape of work.

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