What is Voice of the Customer (VOC)?

What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the Customer (VoC) refers to what customers are saying, what they think and how they feel about a particular business, product or service. Companies and brands can then use the feedback given to gain valuable insights into consumer thought and behaviour. Consumer data is then analysed to make the insights actionable. VoC helps businesses to identify and better understand customers’ pain points and touch points. Identification therefore leads to optimising customer experience (CX) and business performance.

How can Voice of the Customer be heard?

The Voice of the Customer can be heard through a variety of mediums and data-gathering techniques. Companies use interviews, surveys, social data, focus groups and netnographic studies to gather VoC data. Companies would then use software, such as Adoreboard’s unique emotion analysis platform, Emotics, to gain insights that improve business practice and customer experience.

Why is Voice of the Customer important?

Voice of the Customer is important to both companies and consumers, for that reason it contributes to market research. Furthermore, listening to the Voice of the Customer aids customer retention, improves products and services, beat competitors on CX, increase revenue and drive positive changes. The only way to truly understand your customers is to listen to them.

How Adoreboard does it

The uniqueness of our brand’s product is unparalleled in the field of customer experience. Our emotion analytics platform, Emotics, works to gain deeper insights into consumer emotions and is therefore innovative in that it surpasses mainstream platforms that analyse simple sentiment analysis and NPS. We identify and analyse real emotions expressed by individuals, providing brands and businesses with a thorough analysis that can be used to optimise their CX programs.

Adoreboard can work with you to identify the goals of your brand. Our advanced emotion analysis platform will tailor your CX program and meet the specific needs of your customers. Adoreboard’s team of innovative data scientists and analysts use a combination of analytical algorithms and supporting software solutions. With these tools they are able to provide the valuable actionable insights that can better your brand and CX.

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