How to Get Your Brand Noticed during the Super Bowl

The number one tip, when creating content online is to create content which generates an emotional response. Emotion plays a huge role in big marketing events like the Super Bowl, and in many ways the brands that generate the biggest emotional response win.

Our research by data scientists based at Queen’s University in Belfast, found content on Twitter which contains strong emotions such as ecstasy, admiration, terror, amazement, grief, loathing and rage generated the highest number of retweets and favourites.

The study based on the world’s top 20 celebrities on Twitter to find out if there is a link between the emotions they express and the success of the content shared.

As part of the research we identified that those celebrities who express strong emotions like joy or rage on Twitter are more likely to receive retweets or favourites. We found that the strength of the emotion expressed by a celebrity – known as their ‘activation levels’ – provides a good indicator as to how often they will be engaged with and shared. This insight applies equally to brands during the Super Bowl, who should be conscious that strength of emotion could be an indicator of how likely a marketing message could spread online.

Secondly, creating content which is highly relevant to the target audience will also help create brand success. Coca Cola’s Super Bowl commercial that integrated the Marvel movie generated more engagement than mentions of Coke by itself.


The emotional association of Marvel was highly relevant to the audience. People watching the commercial aired during Super Bowl already have positive emotional connections to Marvel and by adding Coke they created something new, highly relevant and emotionally engaging. Coke’s posts referencing the ad also saw really strong social engagement.

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