CX Industry Insights: Lindsay Weisberg, Havas Media Group

Lindsay Weisberg is a Senior Insight Executive at the global marketing agency, Havas Media Group. She has had first hand experience of working with the Adoreboard team and using our innovative platform, Emotics. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions.

What is your role at Havas Media Group?

I’m a senior insight executive at Havas Media Group, working as part of their agency insight team. I work across the whole of the Havas network’s client base, so no two days are the same. The agency on-site team has four key responsibilities: first is planning support, this being day-to-day support; second is pitch support; third is thought leadership and the fourth is client research projects. We use Adoreboard’s Emotics to compliment the work we do over these four areas, rather than using it alone, as it’s such a versatile tool.

How important is it to establish an emotional understanding of customers?

Here at Havas, a key part of our strategy is to create valuable experiences and meaningful relationships between customers and brands. Having an understanding of the emotional motivations of those customers is so important in creating meaningful connections. Adoreboard is perfect for discovering and understanding which emotions drive customers, and the ways in which those customers perceive our brands.

What is the value of working with Adoreboard and using Emotics?

Most sentiment analysis tools that we’ve used in the past only offer very limited ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ gauges, in terms of customer feedback analysis. Adoreboard provides deeper insights, by having the unique ability to draw on 24 different emotions that your customer may be experiencing. This depth of analysis really helps you nail the exact emotion that is driving an individual’s engagement with a brand, and that is really useful.

Adoreboard’s Emotics is undoubtedly one of our go-to tools. This is primarily because of its ease of use and depth of insights: we can simply look at our Adorescore and see where our brand fits in versus competitors. This gives us a great insight into our brand positioning, and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. We can then assess which emotions we need to focus on, adapt or promote.

So, for example, we did a pitch for an airline brand quite recently and found that our airline performed well on the Emotics measure for ‘joy’, which was driven by the in-flight experience. We then looked at competitor brands and found that they scored highly for ‘interest’, and this was due to their pre-flight experience, which entailed discussions about holiday anticipation and destinations. This information fed into our strategy that was used in a pitch where our brand aimed to focus on the pre-flight experience, rather than just in-flight experience. Adoreboard helped us to identify that a flight experience is much more than just those few hours in the air; its’about the customer’s experience at every step of their journey.


How does Emotics complement other metrics, such as NPS?

We’ve been using Adoreboard as an alternative metric to other standard ones, such as NPS. NPS brought up issues for a particular client that appeared to be getting very negative scores. We then ran our data through Emotics and found that a lot of the comments made about the brand weren’t particularly negative, and entailed no real big issues. These new findings meant that the company could then focus their energy on different areas.

How have you used Emotics to create meaningful brands?

Adoreboard helped us identify ways in which brands can generate more engagement with their customers. For example, the Emotics software recognised the different emotions that football fans experience on social media during, and around, a match. We looked at what they were saying before, during and after the game. We found that the highest intensity emotions were present before the match. This led us to inform the client of the specific moments they need to tap into; they need to be present before the match starts in order to generate the most engagement with their brand and customers.

What is the value of Adoreboard to Havas?

It’s so important to understand the emotions driving a brand and customer. People are so much more than just a number or a demographic. Emotions power their experiences. Therefore, we use Adoreboard to understand what these emotions are, what the drivers are and how we can tap into those emotions and understand our customers. We use these particular insights to help create really emotive, engaging and memorable content for our clients.

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