HX Roundup August 2021 – The Latest in CX, EX and Human Experience


Forrester, Forbes and Harvard Business Review feature in this month’s HX Roundup; the best in Human Experience from the past month or so…



Deliver Engaging Customer Experiences With A Cohesive CX Strategy

by Forrester Consulting Group

Research published by Capgemini and partners indicates that 43% of firms see improving CX across channels as a key priority in the next 12 months.

Harness Friction in Customer Journeys to drive emotional engagement

Look for friction rather than ‘moments of delight’ to drive the best emotional engagement across a customer journey

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Making Joy a Priority at Work

by Alex Liu

Wanting to improve the employee experience? Creating moments of Joy is key for two reasons – people seek out Joy and secondly shared experiences of Joy stick.

Digital Teams Suffer From A Perception Gap That Hinders Customer Experience Improvement Efforts

By Adrian Swinscoe

CX influencer Adrian Swinscoe reinforces the ‘experience gap’ between how customers feel and what companies know & how to close this gap

That’s this month’s HX Roundup complete! 

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