The Importance of Emotion: Post Purchase

Good customer experience is vital for business success. Understanding a customer’s feelings and decisions can increase customer loyalty and improve their customer journey. Adoreboard specialises in emotion analytics, which provides a pathway to improve customer experience and loyalty. An essential new tool for businesses, our Emotics software can be used to analyse the emotion within any data.

The majority of focus has always been on encouraging customer purchase decisions, not on customer experience after the purchase has been made. Very few instances have focused on strengthening and maintaining customer brand attitudes after purchase, and little attention has be paid to the emotions experienced by customers as they use and interact with the product. Yet post-purchase experience has an incredibly strong impact on repurchasing decisions, customer loyalty and word of mouth.

We analysed over 3000 tweets relating to customers who are in this post-purchase phase. We analysed mentions of “I just bought” to uncover the key emotions felt soon after purchase.

The Adorescore is a high level indicator of emotional content measured on a scale of -100 to 100. The higher the score, the more positive the content.

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The post purchase content has a positive Adorescore of 40 with the high levels of trust and joy. Emotional themes found throughout the positive data included customers expressing the joy and excitement of just buying their new product using joyful words such as “love” within mentions. A large volume of mentions related to ticket, car and technology purchases.

The analysis shows that the emotions felt by customers immediately after purchasing items are majorly positive. It is important for companies to maintain this level of satisfaction with customers and monitor the customer experience both pre- and post-purchase. By maintaining high levels of joy and trust customers are more like to stay loyal to brands and repurchase.

Adoreboard’s emotion analytics tool Emotics can uncover customer emotions throughout the entire customer journey including post purchase. Emotics will produce actionable insights to improve customer experience.

Adoreboard has created a way to use analytics to gain insights into people’s emotional reactions online. Our emotion analysis software that can help quantify how the world feels about your brand. To find out how our software can help you or to book free demo, click here.

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