International Women’s Day: The Emotion Online

International Women’s day took place this week on the 8th March, and people took to Twitter to share their feelings and celebrations on the day.

Days like International Women’s Day provide a great opportunity for brands to produce creative campaigns. Big companies such as Nike and Benetton went global with their campaigns highlighting gender equality and female empowerment.  At Adoreboard we can measure customer commentary online revealing the emotions motivating people to talk about campaigns like this online.

We analysed over 3,000 mentions of International Women’s Day online to uncover the key emotions within mentions of the day. Our emotion analysis tool Emotics can analyse any data (including social data, surveys, news, NPS verbatim) to measure emotion intensity. This analysis will reveal the key topics driving each emotion within the data.


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Mentions of the day had a positive Adorescore of 54 with high levels of Joy and Trust. High levels of Joy were driven by those wishing others a “Happy International Women’s Day.” High levels of Trust was driven by women and men expressing their admiration and love for the important women in their lives.

Brands sharing their support of International Women’s day include Jack Daniels, and Nike.

Brands who use days like International Women’s day to promote strong messages of equality tend to thrive. However, those who use the day for unrelated sales tactics tend to fall flat.

One example of a thriving brand is British comedian, Richard Herring. Every year, he uses the 8th of March to rebut people who complain (incorrectly) that there is no International Men’s Day. It is indeed on the 19th November each year.

Richard’s tweets provided some humour to readers with thousands of retweets and shares. By promoting the importance of gender equality online he has gained thousands more followers in one day. We used our emotion analytics tool Emotics to analyse the feelings throughout his tweets.


The majority of his tweets contained mixed feelings. Some humorous tweets drove joy and trust due to his support of International Women’s Day and those praising his actions. Negative emotions such as disgust and anger were driven by tweets mocking those who complained about the celebration and the use harsh, negative language.

Here at Adoreboard our emotion analytics tool Emotics provides a pathway to measure emotional intensity around experiences, understand the main themes driving emotional intensity and make informed decisions to actively improve customer experience and loyalty.

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