Top 6 UK Mobile Networks for Customer Experience

According to Ofcom, 93% of the UK population own a mobile phone. With so many network providers out there competing for the title of Best Mobile Network, providing a great customer experience is vital.

Positive customer experience promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Those who experience good service, receive good value deals and coverage are more likely to stick around.

Here at Adoreboard, our Emotion analytics platform Emotics provides a pathway to measure the emotional intensity around experiences which allows users to understand the main themes driving a wide range of emotions including joy, anger and trust. This insight provides the key for companies to actively improve customer experience and loyalty.

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1. Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile placed top of our analysis on customer experience with an Adorescore of 35. The dominating emotion being driven from mentions is joy, with customers praising the Tesco Mobile team for their great customer service.

Tesco Mobile’s twitter channel has gained some popularity over the humorous responses on Twitter. One example is this article created by Buzzfeed.

2. GiffGaff

GiffGaff has placed joint second alongisde networks EE and O2, with an Adorescore of 39. GiffGaff was recently named “Best Network” at the 2016 uSwitch Awards, with Tesco Mobile following closely behind.

The key emotion driven by mentions of GiffGaff is trust as a result of their sponsorship of the channel E4. Twitter users are expressing their enjoyment of their favourite TV shows and praising GiffGaff for engaging with customers live tweeting throughout shows.

2. EE

EE also has an Adorescore of 39 and, like GiffGaff, the leading emotion is trust. High levels of trust is driven by customers praising their quick and efficient customer service online. Delays in customer service are frequently a factor that leads to customer dissatisfaction. EE are seen by many to be going above and beyond competitors.

2. O2

O2 also received an Adorescore of 39, with joy being the leading emotion within mentions. High levels of joy are driven by O2’s Priority service that provides customers with discount or early access to event tickets along with other store offers and surprises. Providing great offers to customers is a great way to improve customer experience.

5. Three

Three UK has placed fifth on our list, with an Adorescore of 33. Some negative comments towards Three have led to high levels of disgust within mentions. The level of disgust is driven by mentions of low signal and connectivity issues.

Bad signal can lead to customer frustration due to missing important calls, their inability to contact others or simply connect to the internet. If these issue are ongoing, customer experience will suffer and loyalty will be reduced as a result.

6. Vodafone

Lastly, Vodafone came last of our analysis meaning they provide the worst customer experience when compared to the previous five. Vodafone have a relatively Adorescore of 26, with sadness being the prevailing emotion throughout customer mentions.

High levels of sadness are due to customers being let down by customer service agents not returning their calls when promised. Customers who have reached out to Vodafone for help are told they will be given a call back. Vodafone are sabotaging customer experience by not following up on those promises.

This would be an opportunity for Vodafone to better their telephone communication with customers.


The results show that Tesco Mobile have won the title of Happiest Customers with a higher Adorescore and 34% more joy expressed by customers than the industry average. Vodafone and Three customers repeatedly mention poor customer service and network coverage issues.  If customer service is done well, it can elicit positive emotions, including trust and joy, which leads to improved customer experience.

Here at Adoreboard our emotion analytics tool Emotics provides a pathway to measure emotional intensity around experiences, understand the main themes driving emotional intensity and make informed decisions to actively improve customer experience and loyalty.

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