Obama: More Trusted than Trump?

Later today Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, taking over from one of the most popular and first “celebrity” president, Barack Obama. With the massive media coverage of this year’s election, we decided to take a look at the emotions behind Trump’s upcoming inauguration and Obama’s departure.

We analysed over 6,000 mentions of both Trump and Obama. Our emotion analytics software Emotics is able to uncover the emotions throughout the text and allow us to understand how people feel about both the departing and the arriving president.

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There is an enormous difference between the current Adorescores of Obama and Trump. Trump has a negative Adorescore of -43 on the lead up to his inauguration. While Obama has more positive score of 48.
The Adorescore is a high level indicator of emotional content on an index of -100 to 100. The higher, the score the more positive the content.

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The analysis shows that when people talk about Obama, they express more than twice the amount of trust than that of Trump. Trump’s previous scandals including the Russian dossier, alleged sexual abuse and refusal to release his tax returns have led to many having a lack of trust in the new president.

News regarding celebrities and other politicians boycotting the inauguration has driven anger and sadness towards Trump, with some expressing their disappointment towards the impending presidency.

President Obama has gained a lot of positive mentions including the trending hashtag #ThankYouObama, which has lead to thousands of Americans sharing moments they were thankful for and proud of during the Obama Administration. This hashtag led to increased levels of joy and trust throughout the analysis.  

Obama’s Final Days as President of the United States

Donald Trump is beginning his days as president with the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president, with only 40% having a favorable view of him. This is in stark contrast with Obama’s approval rating of 68%.

Last week Obama delivered his final speech where he looked over his 8 years as President and thanked those most important to him, including a touching tribute to wife, Michelle. He ended his speech with his campaign catchphrase, “Yes we can,” and followed up with, “Yes we did.” To which the crowd erupted in cheers to his emotional speech.

During his final days as president, Obama also hit the headlines for pardoning 6 individuals and commuting the sentences of 209 others, including that of highly publicised whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

President Obama has been one of the most popular presidents in popular culture, with appearances on comedy TV Shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live. His friendship with Vice President Joe Biden has lent itself to some of the best memes of the last year, and Obama himself has even joked about their “bromance”.

Obama surprised a tearful Joe Biden with the highest civilian honour of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Obama told Biden he was being awarded for his “faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country and a lifetime of service that will endure through the generations”.

Since this year’s shock election result, people have flooded twitter with praise for Obama and his family. Many say his current popularity is due to the negative reaction to Trump, his successor. However, Obama has been a successful US leader.

Welcome folks, to the Trump Administration…

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