Expert Interview with Tom Holmes

We are introducing a new feature of industry expert interviews to our blog. This week we sat down with Tom Holmes, who is the founder and chairman of Creativebrief, which is the leading provider of agency intelligence to brand marketers. Before, embarking on the Creativebrief journey, Tom spent over 20 years working with world leading brands and agencies around the world, including Saatchi & Saatchi, The Lowe Group and Grey Worldwide.

We asked him questions from the inspiration behind Creativebrief to what he thinks the future holds for marketing. 

What inspired you to start Creativebrief?

The marketing industry is now so dynamic and fluid, that an almost encyclopaedic knowledge is required from today’s leading marketers.

We aim to provide brands and their teams with impartial market intelligence in unrivalled depth, through a channel that’s simple to monitor and analyse at speed.

This covers multiple areas including leading agencies and their work, marketing trends, contemporary developments and competitor activity.

The end-game is simple: stimulating a new generation of razor-sharp marketers and empowering them to make confident decisions about the strategies for their brands and the agencies they do business with.

What two things do you attribute to your success?

We’re a passionate and approachable team who are obsessive about brilliant agencies and their work, driven by a fervent desire to ensure both are more accessible to marketers who feel the same.

What do you think are the future trends in the agency and ad world?

If you are interested in future trends just take a look at BITE, as it provides insight into topical marketing trends and inspirational work from agencies around the world. Curated by our team, we inspire brands to INNOVATE, DISRUPT and TRANSFORM (click the link below).

What does the future hold for Creativebrief?

We hit a key milestone in 2016 by passing 5,000 brand marketers with access to our platform. We estimate the combined spending clout of these marketers to be in excess of £8bn.


We’re more focused and excited than ever about the year ahead here at Creativebrief.

2016 saw us reinforce our position as THE next generation model for the future of the connected, modern marketer.

In 2017 we expect to take that to a new level, and to offer agencies greater visibility, impact and opportunity from our fast-growing, ever-curious and outward-looking client base. We’d be excited to have you as a part of the journey!


Thanks to Tom for taking the time to answer our questions, if you would like more information on the work of Creativebrief please visit the website:



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