Webinar Takeaways: How to improve your pitch with Emotion Analysis

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for brands. With a growing number of brands and businesses currently on the market, customers now have the power of choice and their choice tends to be made on the basis of the experiences on offer. So how can this information help us? Well, realising the power that […]

Customer Insight: Gianfranco Cuzziol, Zone

Gianfranco Cuzziol is the Director of CRM and Data at leading a London digital agency. Gianfranco and Adoreboard have worked together in many projects, our CEO Chris sat down with Gianfranco to learn how he has worked with Adoreboard to deliver emotionally intelligent campaigns for clients and what he thinks the value of emotion analysis […]


Webinar Takeaways: Why Did the Customer Cross the Road?

In recent years, the retail industry has experienced a significant shake-up. With the emergence of big-brand online retailers, brick-and-mortar shops are in stiff competition with these digital giants. We recently hosted a webinar with Intermarketing Agency’s Director of CRM and Data, Gianfranco Cuzziol, wherein we discussed customer experience in the age of Amazon. If you happened […]

CX Industry Insights: Lindsay Weisberg, Havas Media Group

Lindsay Weisberg is a Senior Insight Executive at the global marketing agency, Havas Media Group. She has had first hand experience of working with the Adoreboard team and using our innovative platform, Emotics. We took the opportunity to ask her some questions. Watch this video on YouTube What is your role at Havas Media Group? […]

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Top 5 Super Bowl Ads 2018

The Super Bowl took place this weekend, with over 100 million people tuning in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots. The massive viewership has created one of the most expensive advertisement time slots for brands. Every year large brands spend millions of dollars carefully crafting ads with the biggest household […]