cx marginal gains

Are Marginal Gains the Answer to Measuring Customer Experience?

If we are to believe that customer experience is a battleground, how do you win? Simple. Focus on the marginal gains. I recently explored the concept of marginal gains with Yvonne O’Brien, a leading light in helping brands achieve marginal gains, at What’s Possible 2019 panel organised by Specialist Works agency in London. And also […]

Zappos Customer centricity

Key to Customer Centricity: Takeaways from Alex Genov’s Zappos Keynote

Last week marked the launch of the Adoreboard CX Academy at a special keynote and masterclass event with special guest Alex Genov from Zappos. Alex is head of customer research at Zappos, a US-based online shoe and clothing retailer who thrive in the world of customer experience so much so they hit over $2 billion in […]

We Have Lift Off: The Launch of Emotics

Are you seeking to leverage valuable customer experience insights to improve brand and business performance? Then look no further. Adoreboard’s emotion analytics tool Emotics provides a means of measuring the emotional intensity around customer experience. By determining the main themes driving emotional intensity, Emotics allows users to make informed business decisions that enhance customer experience […]