Tips for Improving CX with Alex Genov at Zappos [Video]

Zappos Customer centricity

We welcomed Head of Customer Research at Zappos, Alex Genov to launch The Adoreboard CX Academy (now the HX Academy). He delivered an inspiring and engaging keynote and masterclass to industry leaders at Queen’s University Belfast in partnership with InterTradeIreland and The Chief Executives’ club. Following the event, we asked Alex for his key tips for improving customer experience and it seems emotion is key:

What is The HX Academy?

The HX academy is Adoreboard’s educational hub created to bring together Human Experience leaders and enthusiasts from all backgrounds. The mission of the academy is to educate, inform and inspire readers to unleash the full potential of their HX efforts and to improve their business performance by leveraging customer and employee experience best practice and innovation.

The HX Academy is a place for sharing experiences with CX, EX and emerging Experience management trends. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate:

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