Employee Experience Roundup (1 June)

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Welcome to a new blog series for HR and employee experience (EX) leaders.

Your time is precious, but you want to keep up to date with the latest EX news.

Enter the EX Roundup.

Every week (ish) we summarise the news for you.

We aim to make the whole article readable in less time than it takes to boil a kettle (or pot).

Article #1: Rust-out – How is it different from burn out?

The HR Gravevine recently published, ‘What is ‘rust-out’ and are your employees showing signs of it’

So what is rust out?

Rust-out is the opposite of burnout and refers to employees being bored and idle in their job roles for too long.

Incredibly, 91% of employees suffer from this.

This matters for your business, because engaged employees increase profitability by 21%.

The article gives advice on how EX leaders can tackle rust-out, and become a little more like Toyota – whose employees generate over one million process improvement ideas annually.

HR Grapevine article: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/2023-06-01-what-is-rust-out-are-your-employees-showing-signs-of-it

Article #2: Hybrid working: the new workplace normal

Remember when it was normal to go in 5 days a week?

Those days are gone for good in most office-based roles.

Now CIO reports that 70% of employees prefer to work in a hybrid model.

This has huge implications for the IT department and how they enable employees (from 5G connections through to remote data wipes).

But if businesses get it right, then employee retention is increased.

CIO article: EDIT: original article has been removed but you might find this interesting: https://digitalfutures.cio.com/modern-information-management/shift-hybrid-work-from-temporary-to-intentional/

Article #3: Why the retail industry is a step ahead with employee engagement

We’re back again with the HR Grapevine – this time with a look at the retail industry.

Flexibility is key here -> 60% of retail employees say their employer offers flexibility around hours worked.

Compare this to sectors which might target retail workers in recruitment campaigns – flexibility drops to 55% in hospitality, and 50% in logistics.

HR Grapevine article: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/why-the-retail-industry-is-a-step-ahead-with-employee-engagement-3-ways-retailers-are-getting-it-right-quinyx

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