Qualtrics X4 Key Takeaways: Be Inspired, Learn & Connect

Touch down Salt Lake City for Qualtrics X4! If you’ve never been to X4 the closest parallel I could give you is South by Southwest (SXSW) purely from the sheer number of people attending & the sense that everyone is there to ‘be inspired’, ‘learn more’ and ‘be more connected’. And depending on who is […]

Adoreboard’s AI-Powered Predictive Insights Enhances Employee Experience for Workvivo

PRESS RELEASE – Belfast, Northern Ireland, Feb. 29, 2024. Workvivo, a Zoom company, is enabling world-leading brands to quantify employee trust and improve retention by using Artificial Intelligence through predictive insights platform Adoreboard, it was announced today. Adoreboard, a Gartner Cool Vendor, will support Workvivo’s existing listening and insights capabilities to deliver actionable insights by measuring levels of […]

How Fortune 500 companies build trust

Webinar: How Fortune 500 companies build trust with employees and customers

Do you believe that trust is key to customer and employee experience? The Fortune 500 are considered some of the most trustworthy (and successful) companies in the world. So how did they build that trust? Our data scientists have analysed all of their Glassdoor reviews to find out. In this webinar (linked below) we’ll share an […]

Your open ends suck. Here’s how to make them better

So you’ve fallen into the old trap of collecting lots of survey data because you were told that’s what everyone does and now you’re not sure what to do with it. Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last. All too often we approach customer feedback with open-ended questions which […]

How to predict your drivers of customer experience

Text analysis in business has been around since the 1950’s when IBM created the first system to retrieve key words from large bodies of written information. However, like with massive pompadours and drive-in movie theatres, we’ve moved on a bit since then. The data locked away in the reams of text you generate from interacting […]

Measuring the Hidden Drivers of Customer Journeys with AI: Key Takeaways for CX Pros

If you’re not already familiar with an electrocardiogram or ECG, they’re small adhesive-backed electrodes placed on your chest to record the electrical activity in your heart and identify the root cause of any issues. It’s a standard test used to detect heart problems by producing information on the heart’s activity as visible wavy lines called […]

Qualtrics Partnership

Adoreboard adds Emotion AI to the Qualtrics XM Marketplace

Leading Human Experience (HX) insight platform Adoreboard has announced an integration with Qualtrics, empowering employee and customer experience professionals with automatic Decision Ready Insights from next-generation text analytics software Emotics. The solution enables organisations using the Qualtrics XM Platform™ to upgrade their analytics from sentiment to advanced Emotion AI to understand the drivers of emotional […]

Adoreboard named Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics

So it seems Adoreboard is officially cool! That’s right, we have been named as a 2019 “Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Analytics” in a report published by the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner. Gartner annually names companies who are innovative, impactful and intriguing in their ‘Cool Vendor’ reports. We feel that […]

cx marginal gains

Are Marginal Gains the Answer to Measuring Customer Experience?

If we are to believe that customer experience is a battleground, how do you win? Simple. Focus on the marginal gains. I recently explored the concept of marginal gains with Yvonne O’Brien, a leading light in helping brands achieve marginal gains, at What’s Possible 2019 panel organised by Specialist Works agency in London. And also […]