Behave Bring Behavioural Science To The Biggest Brands [TikTok, KFC]

Behavioural Consultancy firm Behave stand proudly at the forefront of behavioural science in commerce. They help their clients achieve sustainable growth by teaching them to truly understand their customers as people and have helped some of the biggest brands in the world grow even larger. No brand is too big to ignore the behaviour of […]

X4 Your Customer and Employee Lifetime Value with Full Emotional Connection

What does Maratha Stewart, YouTuber sensation Mark Rober and Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian have in common? They all profoundly understand the notion of “Full Emotional Connection” Full Emotional Connection: the phrase coined by Ryan Smyth chairman of Qualtrics at the opening of Qualtrics X4, the annual customer and experience extravaganza, hosted in Salt Lake […]

What is Human Experience (HX) and Why Should You Care?

Human Experience is the complete experience a person has with a brand or service both digitally and physically. It represents the collective experiences that a person feels when dealing with any organisation, be that as a customer, an employee, a patient or a citizen. Human Experience is driven by human centricity, the idea that people […]

Qualtrics Partnership

Adoreboard adds Emotion AI to the Qualtrics XM Marketplace

Leading Human Experience (HX) insight platform Adoreboard has announced an integration with Qualtrics, empowering employee and customer experience professionals with automatic Decision Ready Insights from next-generation text analytics software Emotics. The solution enables organisations using the Qualtrics XM Platform™ to upgrade their analytics from sentiment to advanced Emotion AI to understand the drivers of emotional […]


3 Key Takeaways from Qualtrics Europe 2019

  Mind the Gap: Did you know that 80% of CEOs think they provide exceptional customer experience? BUT only 8% of customers when asked the same question say they have received exceptional customer experience.This ‘Experience Gap’ as Qualtrics founder Ryan Smith aptly phrased is more than just a misalignment between what the brand says it […]

CX Industry Focus: Budget Beauty Brands

When it comes to makeup, we often base quality on price. The cost of a product can have a big impact on the customer’s perception of the brand, the value of a product and, in turn, a brand’s reputability. As much as makeup users and enthusiasts may strive for costly, high-end brands, pricey products can […]

Webinar Takeaways: How to improve your pitch with Emotion Analysis

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for brands. With a growing number of brands and businesses currently on the market, customers now have the power of choice and their choice tends to be made on the basis of the experiences on offer. So how can this information help us? Well, realising the power that […]

CX Industry Focus: Top Sports Brands

The rising popularity of clean eating, fitness fads and peoples’ new-found obsession with active-wear is great news for big sports brands. But is it just the product that consumers are interested in? The simple answer is ‘no’. No matter how big the brand or popular the product, customers will always prioritise good service. As human […]