President Trump: One Scandal Too Far?

Donald Trump is in the headlines again this week after a slew of controversial incidents, including Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and the Comey memo. In summary, ex-FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo following a conversation he had with President Trump in February. Comey claims that Trump told him “I hope you can let […]

#WomensMarch: The Online Reaction

Last weekend millions of people around the world hit the streets in support the Women’s March, the first protest against the Trump presidency since the inauguration. Protesters marched holding signs saying things such as, “Love Trumps Hate”, “Not My President” and “The future is female”. The Adorescore We analysed mentions of the march on Twitter using Emotics, […]

Obama: More Trusted than Trump?

Later today Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, taking over from one of the most popular and first “celebrity” president, Barack Obama. With the massive media coverage of this year’s election, we decided to take a look at the emotions behind Trump’s upcoming inauguration and Obama’s departure. We […]

Donald Trump: The Effect of Continued Scandal

It’s just one week until Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Trump never seems to be out of the headlines, but this week has seen the President-elect under fire more than usual. With A-list celebrities publicly criticising him, his team’s apparent desperation for inauguration performers, alleged ‘fake news’ and […]