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Top 5 Super Bowl Ads 2018

The Super Bowl took place this weekend, with over 100 million people tuning in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots. The massive viewership has created one of the most expensive advertisement time slots for brands. Every year large brands spend millions of dollars carefully crafting ads with the biggest household […]

Doctor Who? The Online Reaction to the First Female Doctor

This week after Roger Federer won his record 8th Wimbledon title, the BBC announced who would be stepping into the Tardis in the next season of Doctor Who and become the 13th Doctor. Twitter erupted when it was revealed that Jodie Whittaker would be stepping into the role and taking the title of the first […]

Top 6 UK Mobile Networks for Customer Experience

According to Ofcom, 93% of the UK population own a mobile phone. With so many network providers out there competing for the title of Best Mobile Network, providing a great customer experience is vital. Positive customer experience promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Those who experience good service, receive good value deals and coverage are more […]


The Big Six: Whose Customer Service Lacks Power?

This week SSE announced that they would be hiking up their prices by 14.9%. With most energy companies doing the same, customers are deciding whether to switch or stick. We analysed the Twitter customer care channels of the companies in the UK to see who provides the best customer experience and which is worth the […]

How to Get Your Brand Noticed during the Super Bowl

The number one tip, when creating content online is to create content which generates an emotional response. Emotion plays a huge role in big marketing events like the Super Bowl, and in many ways the brands that generate the biggest emotional response win. Our research by data scientists based at Queen’s University in Belfast, found content […]

#WomensMarch: The Online Reaction

Last weekend millions of people around the world hit the streets in support the Women’s March, the first protest against the Trump presidency since the inauguration. Protesters marched holding signs saying things such as, “Love Trumps Hate”, “Not My President” and “The future is female”. The Adorescore We analysed mentions of the march on Twitter using Emotics, […]

Donald Trump: The Effect of Continued Scandal

It’s just one week until Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Trump never seems to be out of the headlines, but this week has seen the President-elect under fire more than usual. With A-list celebrities publicly criticising him, his team’s apparent desperation for inauguration performers, alleged ‘fake news’ and […]