Beyond NPS: to Decision Ready Insights

10am, Thu 17th August


If Net Promoter Score answers what has happened, we answer “why”.

The rise of the “activist customer” – whereby customer feedback and customer decision operate in a more instantaneous and active environment – means customer journey to purchase, retention and loyalty has been dramatically been disrupted. Emotion analysis captures the valuable information that NPS leaves out. Combining measures will produce an analysis greater than the sum of its parts – leading to clear and actionable, DECISION READY INSIGHTS

During this webinar we’ll set out:

– the need to not only rethink your brand’s approach to NPS

– ways to fill in the gaps on understanding and actioning ways to improve brand performance

– how we provide a deeper layer of analysis of the emotional state and motivation of customers.

About our guest speaker: James Dodkins is Chief Customer Officer of the BP Group, a network for Business Process Management & Performance professionals. He is one of the industry’s noted thought leaders in Advanced Business Process Management, Outside-In, Customer Experience and Process Improvement and his clients are amongst the most instantly recognisable brands in the world. James is Co-Founder of CXRating, a scientific customer experience measurement tool. James is also an Academy of Customer Experience (ACE) board member.

(This is a re-recorded webinar, with a live Q&A).